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World Expo 2010 Shanghai China >> Participation >> Pavilions of Participants

Finland Pavilion

Finland Pavilion

Finland Pavilion

Odd Pot

2010 Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall will be named Finland Kirnu "Odd Pot". Finland Pavilion architectural design competition in the assembly in May 2008 in Finland carried out across the country, received a total of 104 entries. The results of the competition was on October 6 in Helsinki announced : Helsinki by the architectural design studio JKMM submitted by the "Odd Pot" come to the fore the end, win. Following the presentation of the main exhibition designer based on their entries for a description of the program.


2010 Shanghai World Expo Finland exhibition hall will show you a miniature of Finland, Finnish demonstrate to the world community as a whole and its outlook. Sculpture exhibition hall-style architectural design is to create a future for the development of full freedom of creativity and innovative thinking of the scene. Like an exhibition hall in the water on the island of micro-cities. Through a small bridge, visitors will come before the exhibition hall. From the central part of this mini-city Plaza and the composition of the city center. Place the pot is odd, all kinds of ideas and viewpoints here in the collision, the exchange integration.

Natural Elements

The exhibition inspired by Finland's natural state. Island reef, fish, the reflection of blue sky cutting, and wood still emitting a smell of incense, various elements of nature through a new interpretation to the new face of pop up. As in nature, the Finnish Pavilion for a stroll during which the people of a quiet harbor, so that everyone can get out of the noise of city life.

Ultimate Experience

The white light of the entire exhibition hall. Around the exhibition hall, Weixun breeze, sparkling water. Slowly toward the hall, the scale of Jiangxinduju-surface gradually into the Indian eye. A flat bridge leading to the entrance of the exhibition hall. At the entrance to the wood surface to create a glamorous shade of the effect of attracting tourists to move into one. Then, visitors will see the odd square pot. The wall stands inside covered with a thin fabric. On the floor and into the stall and lighting effects to create a virtual display, in which visitors can Shen Lin, your experience. Odd pot of thick walls, a period of slowly up the slope to lead visitors to exhibition hall, exhibition hall at a height, around the courtyard. Out from the Exhibition Hall, walk down along the slope is exported. Here visitors can shop, dine.

Activities Space

Within a reasonable layout of the exhibition hall. In addition to the first floor of the central square, there are restaurants, souvenir shops, cloakroom, lavatories and storage. After visiting the exhibition, you can go to restaurants and stores in order to avoid the bustling crowd. VIP entrance to the main entrance and set apart. Basic design makes people crowded in to this dynamic space looked freely visit. Entertainment facilities, meeting staff and facilities are located on the third floor.

Better Life

The main purpose of the exhibition is to create a "Better Life" vision. The six major elements of a better life for freedom, creativity, innovation, community spirit, health and nature. This is all the elements are seamlessly integrated into the exhibition hall construction, as well as its spatial and functional design. Sculpture-like high-tech architectural design reflects the freedom and creativity. Innovation is reflected in the simplicity of the structure and technical details on the use. The entire exhibition hall built around the square, people with Wei Ju, the spirit of community building is one of the basic design. The water, sky, and other elements used to allow construction of a nature to become an integral part of the abstract. Hall, as a comfort and inspiration to stimulate the micro-city, is in itself an example of a healthy environment. Human, Nature and Technology here in harmony. Hall has provided a blueprint for the development of a better life to explore the platform.

Construction Process

3D computer model will be used throughout the construction process aids. Hall of vertical load-bearing structure made of steel. By narrow-positive components, will carry out on-site assembly. By the level of structural components of wood framework, form themselves into the number plate from the floor. In-house will be paved with wooden planks. Will be full of positive external use of modern pattern of squamous paper-plastic composite board, which is a renewable industrial products. Two-story atrium wall, as well as some of the walls covered by the fabric and can be used in a transparent fabric covered atrium, staircases and elevators for the independent components. All building components manufactured in time, it is necessary to ensure that construction can be completed after the break and re-assembly.

Sustainable Architecture

In the near future, city building facing a major challenge will be how to find resources for the protection of sustainable construction methods. The exhibition hall is a laboratory for sustainable construction, Finland demonstrated the future of the city building solutions. Our goal is to maintain the characteristics and methods of construction, development of energy-saving, low emission and environmentally friendly solution. Our design included a number of factors, such as renewable energy. On the roof of solar panels to heat in the winter to supply refrigeration equipment. More use of natural ventilation can reduce the demand for mechanical ventilation. Housing air from below water level after the acquisition of suppliers. Atrium's thick walls form a natural channel, in-house from the entrance is the beginning of the spiral slope. At the top of the walls and opening to promote the natural ventilation, and facilities for a reasonable position, as well as the use of light on the surface of the window structure is to reduce the intensity of heat caused by sunlight. The plants can be planted roof heat load balance. Can collect rainwater from the roof and into the courtyard of a tank. Building materials have to undergo a rigorous screening to ensure that the resulting greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum. Load of material, reuse and recycling are based on the exhibition hall of the entire life cycle analysis.


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