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China Huangshan City:

Resident People:
Population: 1.46 million
Urban Population: 0.4 million

General Information:
Huangshan City is destined to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in the 21st Century. Because of its majestic creation of nature, its more than 2000-year history, and its flourishing Huizhou culture, the city boasts a multitude of tourist attractions. They include the world-famous Mt.Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), the well-preserved ancient villages, crystal Lake Taiping and Qiyun Taoist Mountain and so on. Old residences, archways, clan temples, ancient bridges and pagodas are abundant.

Situated in southeastern China, Mt.Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is famous for the uniquely shaped pines, the fantastic rock peaks, the sea of clouds and the hot springs. Mt.Huangshan is a magical mountain, covering many other famous mountains' features; perhaps its most outstanding feature is change. The mystic clouds drift in and out, changing the scenery from minute to minute as the mist rises and ebbs; the beauty of Huangshan also varies with the seasons.

Throughout history, praises by many celebrities were heaped on Mt. Huangshan. On his second visit to Mt.Huangshan, Xu Xiake, the famous traveler and geographer of the Ming Dynasty, exclaimed: "Huangshan in Huizhou has no equal. Once on top, one finds no other match. This is the acme!" People later concluded: "No mountains are worth seeing after a trip to the Five Sacred Mountains, and none of the Sacred Mountains are worth seeing after a trip to Huangshan." No wonder it is the only mountain that is listed in China's Top Ten Scenic Spots and designated as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site. As a matter of fact, just like the Yangtze River, the Great Wall and the Yellow River, Mt.Huangshan has become a symbol of China.

Huangshan City is easily accessible: a one-hour flight from Shanghai, less than a 2-hour flight from Hongkong, and a 6-hour car or train ride from Nanjing. Don't hesitate, just click your mouse and contact us. Hope to see you soon in Huangshan City!

Climatic Features: subtropical humid monsoon climate; warm and rainy, 4 seasons clearly, frost-free period of 236 days; no severe coldness in winter

Average Temperature: 15 to 16C annually
Rainfall: annual precipitation of 1670 mm with the highest of 2708 mm, concentrated on May, June, July and August

Mountains: Mt. Huangshan famed for its beautiful natural scenery, Mt. Jiuhuashan and Mt. Qiyunshan

Mountains: Mt. Huangshan famed for its beautiful natural scenery, Mt. Jiuhuashan and Mt. Qiyunshan

Rivers: Xin'anjiang River, Taiping Lake, Shuxi River and Huishui River

Products: paddy rice, wheat, tea, flue-cured tobacco, hemp, stock raising famous tea - Huangshan Maofeng and Taiping Houkui, Huangshan Magic Fungus-glossy Ganoderma, Huangshan Xianggu Mushroom, Huangshan Air-dried Bamboo Shoots

Local Highlights:
Arts and Crafts: Huangmei Drama, Anhui Qinshu
Others: Shen Inkstone, Hui Ink, and Jingxian Xuan Paper

Huangshan Culture:
Hangshan City has a history of over 2200 years. Its two oldest counties, Shexian and Yixian, were established during Qing Dynasty when the system of prefecture and county took shape. Huangshan City was formerly called Xin'an Prefecture, and later Huizhou Prefecture until it got current name in 1987.
Situated in a remote and picturesque mountainous area, Huizhou escaped many wars and battles throughout history. Refugees from the Central Plains came into this area and brought with them the Han culture starting from the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Many refugees were famous for their achievements in art, medicine, architecture and craftsmanship. Under their influences, Huizhou has become known as a remarkable place for producing great scholars, painters, artists and merchants.

The contributions of these talented and industrious people, together with the 2200-year history, have brought about the glorious and magnificent Huizhou Culture (also known as Xin'an Culture) which can be represented by Xin'an Philosophy, Xin'an Medicine School, Xin'an Painting School, Huizhou School of Woodblock, Huizhou Seal School, Huizhou Commerce, Huizhou Opera, Huizhou Cuisine, Huizhou Sculpture and Huizhou Style Architecture. This culture, originated mainly from the Central Plains (an area which comprises the middle and lower reaches of the Huanghe River) and integrated with traces of Shan'yue Culture, is an important part of Chinese Civilization. As a matter of fact, Huizhou Culture has become one of the three main fields of the Chinese Culture (Han) Study, the other two being Dunhuang and Tibetan Cultures. This is why more and more scholars form home and abroad turn their attention to Huizhou Culture, and many visitors have come to this area to examine the historical sites and relics. So far, more than 4900 sites and relics were found, among which, 57 sites are listed as key units under the state or provincial protection. The best known sites are the Qiankou Ancient Residence (in Huizhou District), Xugou Memorial Archway and Tangyue Archway Group (in Shexian County), Xidi Village and Hongcun Village (in Yixian County), just to name a few. The classic, elegant design of the buildings and the ingenious, magnificent layout of the landscapes are outstanding in its own way.

Huangshan City is not only noted for its charming natural landscapes but also celebrated for its ancient history and culture. In fact, Huangshan City is a national park and a museum where you can enjoy natural beauty and explore its centuries-old history and glorious culture.
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