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Jingdezhen Travel China, Jingdezhen Tour Guide

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China Jingdezhen City:

Resident People:
1.49 million (urban population: 400,000)

General Information:
Jingdezhen, long hailed as the "capital of porcelain", is 75 miles north of Nanchang.

Jingdezhen city lies in the Northeast of Jiangxi Province. To its Northwest is Dongzhi County of Anhui Province, to its south Wannian County, to its West Boyang County, and to its Southeast Wuyuan County. It is located in the transitional area between the Huangshan ¨C Haiyushang mountain range and the Plain of Poyang Lake at longitudes 116¡ã57'-117¡ã42' east and latitudes 28¡ã44'-29¡ã56' south in the monsoon subtropical climate.

Jingdezhen Map

Jingdezhen Map

Jingdezhen is located in subtropical zone; featured the damp monsoon climate with 4 distinct seasons, sufficient sunlight and rainfall, long frost-free period. It enjoys enough sunshine, sufficient rainfall, and a mild and moist climate, with clearly demarcated four seasons.

There are age-old trees, primitive forests, rare animals and birds.

Jingdezhen Economy:
It lies in the "golden triangle" economic area of Nanchang, Jiujiang and Jingdezhen, situating in the boundary of three provinces of Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Anhui.
Jingdezhen is one of the important modern industrial bases in Jiangxi Province. The ceramic industry has come into such a system that the production of daily-use porcelain takes the principal part and the art ceramic, construction ceramic, the industrial ceramic and the electronic ceramic and so on are also evaluative together and co-developing. It has become the important ceramic producing and exporting base and the scientific research center in China. Meanwhile the infant industry is booming, which has formed such lines as the automobile, machinery, electron; medicine, chemistry, building materials food and other industries. At present, the total output of the infant industry has accounted for over 90% in the whole industry of the city, becoming the important mainstay in the city's economy. There are a batch of strong enterprises (groups) in the city such as the Change Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Limited, the Hay Electric Appliance General Company the Printing Machinery Works, the Coking Gasworks, the Jiangxi Chemical Fiber and Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd, the Dongfang Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd, the Deyu Group Corp. and so on.
Jingdezhen municipal administration has been paying much attention to developing the soft environment for the economic development. It has laid down a series of policies and measures such as "Several Policies and Measures of Emancipating the Mind further, Extending to Open, Accelerating the Development", "the Preferential Measures for Encouraging Investors outside to Invest and Cooperate in our City". "Several Measures to Protect the Investor outside", "Cases of Reward to intermediary of the Investing outside" and so on, The government has set up the service hall to handle all kinds of certificates, carrying out the opening to the outside in a door, the service in a station, the charging in a window. All these measures have created a better condition for the development of the private economy and for the guests at home and abroad who come here for investment business, tourism or sight-seeing.

Located at the junction where two rivers meet, the street was originally built in memory of a famous poet, Qu Yuan in the Tang dynasty. This was later rebuilt in the Ming and Qing dynasties. With hundreds of years of history behind it, the street is nonetheless, still well preserved today, flanked on its sides by stores, workshops and teahouses. The trodden flagstone pavement serves to act as a reminder of a history and a lifestyle long gone by our era.
Porcelain was first made there during the Han dynasty (306 B.C.-330 A.D.). Since the Tang Dynasty, the white glazed china produced there had earned the name "artificial jade ware." In the Northern Song Dynasty, officials were assigned by the emperor to the town to supervise the manufacturing of porcelain for the royal families, and Jingde china began to make its fame abroad. In the following centuries, Jingde china was sold to many countries across the world.
Since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949, a major pottery and china industry has developed.

The traffic networks extend in all directions. The railway of Jiangxi to Anhui and the national highway No. 206 runs through the city, the Jingdezhen-Jiujiang expressway shortens the distance between the city Wuhan, Nanchang and other cities, the airline connects it with Peking, Shanghai, Guangzhou and etc, Changjiang River of the city can get its waterways to Poyang Lake then into Yangtze River.

Jingdezhen Tourism:
With 20 year's continuous efforts, Jingdezhen's tourism has taken shape and a complete tourist service system has been established covering board, lodging, transportation, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.
The tourism resource of Jingdezhen is rich with deep connotation, and owns the special privilege including the ceramics culture, place of culture interest and ecological environment and so on, particularly in advantageous condition of the ceramics resource.
Jingdezhen, the world-renowned porcelain metropolis, is one of the 24 great cities of historical and cultural interest proclaimed by the state council of China. It has a porcelain making history of over 1700 years, which has been crystalized into it's rich cultural tradition of ceramics, rare ceramic relics, superb ceramic craftsmanship, unique ceramic customs, graceful performance of ceramic musical instruments and beautiful rural scenery make up the peculiar tourist culture of Jingdezhen, and hence make Jingdezhen the only Chinese tourist city featuring ceramic culture. In 1997, Jingdezhen was conferred one of china's 35 first-choice tourist spots.

Guyao ceramic work shop, a ¡°living museum¡± demonstrating the complete traditional porcelain making process.

Jingdezhen Culture:
Ceramic History Museum
In the Jingdezhen Ceramic History Museum, visitors learn the history behind the city, famed for its ceramics. The museum houses not only ceramic artworks from different dynasties, which are of great value, but also ancient ceramic workshops. This is where visitors can learn the whole process of how ceramics were produced in the ancient times. Not only that, they can also have a go at making ceramics on their own.

Jingdezhen Attractive points:
The Ancient Stage in Leping
Leping is known as ¡°the town of Jiangxi Opera¡±. The famous ¡°Leping tune¡±, which is also called ¡°hign-pitched tone¡±, is a major singing school of contemporary Jiangxi Opera. In Leping, people are very keen on Jiangxi Opera, and each village has its own stage. On New Year's Day and other festivals, Operas are put on in every village, Throughout the region, there are 317 ancient stages altogether. No wonder people call it ¡°the Museum of Chinese Ancient Stages¡±.Among the stages, the one in Huyan is perfectly matchless.
Jingdezhen Ancient Folk Kiln Museum
The Jingdezhen Ancient Folk Kiln Museum is located in the famous Hutian Ancient Kiln Factory Site, a cultural relic protect section. Under it there is rich cultural deposit of porcelain manufacturing history from Wudai Dynasty to Ming Dynasty (907-1644 AD), which covers a area of more than 400 thousands square meters. It clearly reflects the important changes in the history of porcelain arts and crafts of this 700 years and the complete process of porcelain manufactuing in the ancient times in China. It is the pilgrimage place of porcelain historiography pursuer, the porcelain industrial arts fans and the tourists all in the world.
The Jingdezhen Ancient Folk Kiln Museum not only collects and exhibits all kinds of representative standard ware, unearthed rarity cultural relics and ancient specimens made in each history moments of the Huian Kiln, but also protects about 20 locations of the relics of valuable kilns and porcelain factories in the important history periods of Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasty. It lays out the scene of porcelain manufacturing in the ancient times, and touch the reality of the history.
Around the Jingdezhen Ancient Folk Kiln Museum there are 12 locations of important ancient porcelain relics buried under the earth yet, which covering 260 thousands square meter. The former appearance of the history has been conserved rather perfectly. All these rich cultural deposit and excavated cultural relics have been protected strongly by our country, and they are not only valuable materials for researching of porcelain manufacturing history and the history of the humankind civilization, but also good sightseeing for the tourists all in the world.
The moon lake leisure center
The moon lake leisure center lies in ShanTian reservoir at the edge of urban area. The surface of water crooked around its bank, the form likes the crescent moon, water quality is pure, the green hill surrounds the lake. the whole lake covers more than 2000 mile and is the biggest fishing center of west urban area, it is also thejuvenile's popular science base after class, aquarium fish's plant, the training center of aquatic sports and recreation center.
Yutian lake
The scenic spot of Yutian lake locate at 19 kilometers southeast of urban area, surrounded by hills here, linked by common mountains and rivers, large quantities of wild mandarin ducks perch and survive the winter here every year, There are motorboats, amusement projects , such as luxurious motor boat ,etc.. There is breed fish fishing center under dam, In the middle of the lake, there are food and beverage, stop natural and humane view , such as bridge , the ancient tomb , the stone peoples, stone horses ,etc., it is the recreation , ideal destination of angling.
Gold bamboo mountain fastness
Gold bamboo mountain fastness lies in the northeast border area mountain area of Jing De-zhen , adjoining with Anhui, it belongs to pulse of Mount Huang, whole mountain area terrain is 600 meters above sea level, the southern sedan-chair mountain's highest peak is 1000 meters above sea level. Because the scenery is beautiful, the climate is pleasant in the area, so it is praised as " small Mount Lushan " of summer resort by the external world, ancient ginkgo can be seen everywhere in mountain fastness, Chinese yew ancient wood grow into forest, more than one hundred group of red-face golden monkey appear again and again, Grand Canyon is deep and remote, pairs of dragon cataract is another magnificent spectacle here and its rivers is rapid throughout the year. In addition, ancient castle visit scenic spot, XiaoYuan rebellion's old site shows peasant revolution uprising lead by Fangzhimin; Jinshan Temple, the tiger shies dreams, fairy maiden's bathing pool , Goddess of Mercy washes the yarn and demonstrated god beautiful legend of human world . So, the gifted foundation of tourist market, welcome large quantities of visitors.
Yang Wan
Yang Wan Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of China Procelain Centre of world renown-Jingdezhen, which is about five kilometers away from the urban district.
Covering 1801 hectares of forest, the scenic spot has the Taoist Peak, the Zhu Peak (an elevation of 660 meters) which is the highest peak of the Nan Shan Mountain, and the Cold Spring Peak where many people come continuously to pay respects to Buddha. On the spot, mountain springs are pouting out and fishes swimming in the reservoir surrounded by green bamboo groves and beautiful forest.
In spring, flowers are colorful with the sweet smell and birds are singing in the forest; in summer, the waterfall is running down into the pool and mountain streams are babbling; in autumn, a lot of mountain fruit is decorative among bamboo groves, beautiful forest, and unusual rocks; in winter, red maple leaves and winter sweet form a delightful contrast. So Yang Wan is a very good place which is worth touring.
Dear friends, if you want to watch sunrise scenes, go mountaineering or outing, and spend your holiday after hard working, please get in touch with Mr.Yu Bianzhou.
The green garden of Ming Dynasty
The green garden of Ming Dynasty lies in factory's factory of sculpture porcelain of Jing De-zhen, it is the international site of pottery art centre of Jing De- zhen, and the buildings imitate the emblem of Ming Dynasty. The porcelain street in the garden is the reproducing of the ancient porcelain business street of Jing De-zhen, a lot of great craft artists set up the operating room here, showing the ceramic sculpture skill of the wonderful workmanship excelling nature?
Ancient Sanlu Temple street
In ancient times, Sanlu Temple street used to be the bustling wharf in Jingdezhen, along which large numbers of merchant ships moored. At the beginning of the street was an archedgate of fire bricks, on the stone intel of which are four inscribed dynamic characters ¡°Sanlu gu zha¡±(Ancient sanlu street).The whole street is divided into two parts: one built in Ming Dynasty and one in Qing Dynasty. The Ming part, over 80 meters in length, is composed of a group of 9 architecture complexes built in mid of or late Ming Dynasty. The Qing part ,more than 230 meters long, is made up of various stores and workshops of Qing Dynasty. Hundreds of 2-meter-long,stone blocks make up the stairway from the bank of Changjiang River to the beginning of the street.As the most important cargo terminal in Jingdezhen In Ming and Qing Dynasties, it's the place where ships were loaded with Jingdezhen porcelain wares and set off for their voyage across Boyang Lake. down the Yangtze, out into the sea and finally to the destinations all over the world.
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