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Pingdingshan Travel China, Pingdingshan Tour Guide

Pingdingshan News
China Pingdingshan City:

Resident People:
4.373 million

General Information:
Pingdingshan is a city of energy resources, one of the three major base in coal production, it's also the principal production area of grain, flue-cured tobacco.

Located in the mid-south of Henan Province, it covers an area of 7.980 square km.

Being in the transitional region of the South and North climate, Pingdingshan has a warm continental monsoon climate with its four seasons clearly demarcated. With its frost-free period 226 days and annual rainfall 802 mm, it is available for the growth of many kinds of crops.

There are rare animals such as Huanan tiger, leopard, salamander, musk deer, takin, mandarin duck, golden pheasant and great swan etc.

Pingdingshan Economy:
The industrial construction of Pingdingshan started from zero and grew up in blank space. Through 40-year's hard work, an industrial system , which contains all kinds of industries in proper proportion and in coordinated growth, has been gradually form ed. There are now 1,147 independent accounting enterprises above the township level in the whole city, among which 116 are large or middium-sized key enterprises.
Agriculture is the foundation of all trades. Pingdingshan's land abounds in wheat, maize, tobacco, and soybean.
Forestry, animal husbandry, side-line occupation and fishery are also fully developed here.

Pingdingshan has a long historic culture. There are the Ligang culture which represents the New Stone Age in primitive society, Yangshao culture and Longshan culture remains in the city. Here is Ying kingdom in Shangzhou dynasty, the splendid culture left many historic relics, such as Wangchenggang metallurgical remains in Han dynasty, Ru kiln which is located in Djuandian village in Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties. The famous "Zhanban War" in the history between Jin Kingdom and Chu Kingdom and "Kunyang War" in xinhan dynasty both happened here. With 27 key protection places for historic relics by national, provincial and municipal government and 2 national-level forest gardens, Pingdingshan is an ideal place for tourist. The Fengxue Temple which built more than a thousand uears ago, the Three Sus' Graves for great writer Suxun and his two sons in the Song dynasty, the immortal altar for playing dragon from literary quotation "Duke Ye Loved Dragon" remain.

Pingdingshan Tourism:
There are over 40 tourism scenic spots open to the outside, the Mt. Shirenshan scenic area is the most eminent one.

The famous local and special products: Chinese yangtao, bark of eucommia, lily magnolia, ephedra, codonopsis pilosula, hedgehog hydnum, chestnut, fungus, walnut, raw lacquer, natural silk, Jiaxian red ox, Lushan ox-leged goat, Baofeng liquor, Ru porcelain, purple sand pottery, jade carving and carpet etc.

Pingdingshan Attractive points:
You may go to Ruzhou Hot Spring, having a comfortable bath there to refresh; or you can just for a few days in the Hot Spring Sanatorium and try the mineral water there. Which has a curative effect; you can also come to Zetian Pond and recall the graceful bearing of the Queen Wu Zetian 1,200 years ago. Located to the southwest of and 25 km from Ruzhou Towm, the Hot Spring has a flow of 270 t. a day and contains more than 50 kinds of chemical elements in it with a water temperature of 63 centigrade. Skin diseases. Arthritis and many other diseases can be cured if you bathe in it regularly. It is therefore, called the Magic Spring. In the year 700 A.D., the Queen Wu Zetian came and bathed there. After her bath, she drank wine and composed poems beside the pond. Zetian pond has now been gorgeously renovated and is waiting for your visit.
The Three Sus'Graves
The Three Sus'Graves are the ones of Su Shi, his younger brother Su Zhe and his father Su Xun, all the three were the great men of letters in the Northern Song Dynasty (960 A.D.). The graves contains their personal effects, for their remains were either missing or buried elsewhere. Situated on the south slope of Xiao E'mei Hill to the northwest of and 27 Km. From the town of Jia County, the graves are precipitously located with a quiet and beautiful environment. The graveyard covers an area of 7,937 aq.m with a wall enclosed around. In the yard, the three tombs bulge on the lawn, with the father's tomb in the middle and the two sons' on both sides. The marvellous phenomenon made by the 600 old cypresses in the yard is a wonder indeed. During the night in the fime daym, you can hear the whistling of wind and the pattering of rain intermittently in the wood, however, when you raise your head and look up, you would see the bright moon in the sky with stars twinkling; and when you lower your head and look down, you would see the dim shadow of cypresses on the ground, There is no wind to sway your clothes and no raindrops to wet your hat. It is in fact the rustling of the leaves and the famous spectacle and best of 8 scenic spots in Jia County the night rain in the Sus'graveyard.
The Spring Festival
The Spring Festival, the lunar New Year's Day, is the most important festival in China. On the lunar New Year's Day, all the people, men and women, the old and young, in their best clothes, pay the New Year's calls and congratulate each other. The activity may continue to 15th of the month, the lantern Festival.
The Lantern Festival
The Lantern Festival,15th the first lunar month, is the fete of celebrating the first full moon night of the new year. During the festival, varied and colourful folk artistic activities are carried out, pushing the jubilant atmosphere to a new climax. At night, the whole city turns into an ocean of lanterns. The city government pays great attention to the traditional culture and carefully organize the Lantern Festival stilts, yangko, land boat, peace drum beating, etc. Staying among them, you would get a great pleasure. During the Lantern Festival, you can also have the chance to taste all kinds of sweet dumplings. One dumping symbolizes good wish, whishing you family reunion, good luck and happiness in the new year.
The Dragon-Boat Festival
The Dragon-Boat Festival, 15th of the fifth lunar month, is also an important traditional festival in China. In ancient times, it used to be the fete of offering sacrifices to dragons. The ancient Chinese took dragon as their totem. They held all kinds of ceremonies to worship dragons. The Dragon-Boat festival is the most solemn one. In the south China, people held dragon-boat races. Later on they linked the day when the patriotic poet Qu Yuan threw himself into Polou River with this festival then became the fete of commemorating Qu Yuan. According to the local customs, people prepare zongzi, hang up the leaves of mugwort, wear incense sachets, catch toads, spray realgar liquor, etc, during the festival. Zongzi is a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice and wrapped in reed leaves. People boil, unwarp and dip zongzi in sugar to eat. The incense sachet is a kind of adormment. It is made by silk and satins with perfume in it. It is said that the incense sachet can expect insects, get rid of virus by wearing sachets.
Mid-Autumn Festival
On 15th of the eighth lunar month is the Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most important traditional festivals in China. In ancient times, the Chinese emperors had the habit of worshiping the sun in spring and the moon in autumn. People also have the custom of worshiping, respecing, and admiring the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Today, people still retain this custom. The family usually reunite and admire the full moon together in the evening. They eat moon cakes, drink osmanthus flower wine to celebrate their reunion, and tell each other the legends of Chang'e flying to the moon, the Jade Hare pounding the medicinal herbs, and Wu Gang Chopping the bay tree, etc. Friends and relatives have also the custom of presenting moon cakes each other during the festival.
On 13th of the first lunar month
On 13th of the first lunar month, at Majie village, 7km, south of the town of Baofeng County, a grand and nationally well-known gathering of the folk art circles takes place there each year. Hundreds of folk art actresses from all over the county converge at Majie village. And people from neighbourhood in their best clothes, holding the old by the arm and the hand, rush lively into the meeting-place and enjoy the performance there. This tradition gathering originated in about 1316 A.d.. After the liberation, the government pay great attention to the development of the traditional cultures. In 1982, Mr.Tao Dun, the vice-chairman of the National Literature and Arts Federation & the chairman of the Union of the Folk Art Actors and Actresses, and Liu Lanfang, the famous story telling actress, were both present at Majie village. On seeing the grand occasion of the story-telling gathering. Mr.Tao wrote poem on the spot in excitement. "Majie Gathering originated long ago Actors converge here with their instruments They tell stories of ancient and today The whole town turns out watching The performance of Liu Lanfang."
On 12th of the lunar month
On 12th of the lunar month, at Tangjietownship in jia County, people from the neighbourhood, with their fine horse, converge there to hold a grand horse reach each year. The horse race in Tangjie township originated in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, this area was a woody and grassy land with brooks meandering and herds of horse moving leisurely. Herdsmen often had horse race on the river banks and chased each other on horse back for amusement. It then developed into a horse race with rules and organization. If you happend to be in Pingdingshan in the nick of time, do not miss the opportunity to watch the race.
Fengxue Temple
Located at the place 60 km from the northwest of Pingdingshan, south foot of Shaoshi mountain of Mt. Songshan northeast of Ruzhou City, first built in Northern Wei Dynasty, it was one of the oldest temples in China. There are many wind hole caves of different size, hence it got the name. At the mouth of Fengxue Hill, the road is flanked by mountains, with dense green woods and streams flowing.1.5 km northward, the temple can be seen. It fills with a sense of poem and picture that "Old temple concealed in the deep mountain, zigzag paths leading to the peaceful and secluded land".
Scenic Area of Mt. Shirenshan
Located in the west of Lushan County 45 km from the southwest of Pingdingshan City, and the eastern section of Mt. Funiushan. Yuhuang (Jade Emperor) Summit, the main peak, is 2153.1 meters above the sea level. The peaks in Mt. Shirenshan are unique and special with numerous waterfalls, dense forests, mild hot springs, and integrated the magnificent, precipitous, grotesque, elegant, and peace into one system. The specialists give their evaluation to this mountain as "as precipitous as Mt. Huashan, as magnificent as Mt. Emei, as beautiful as Zhangjiajie, and as elegant as Mt. Huangshan". It's an ideal place for sightseeing, summer resort, entertaining, scientific research and adventure.
Fiery Pearl Hill
Xiangshan Hill, known also as the Fiery Pearl Hill, stands in the northwest suburbs of Pingdingshan city and between the Big Dragon and the Little Dragon Hills. It therefore presents the scene of two dragons playing with a pearl. Xiangshan Temple stands just on the summit of Xiangshan Hill. The Temple looks, with its imposing pagoda and splendid palace, quite magnificent.
The Stone Statue Mountain
The Stone Statue Mountain, noted for its giant, like stone statue standing on the top, is located on the west border of Lushan County, Henan Province with an elevation of 2,153m. and is one of the highest peaks in the east section of Funiou Mountain Range which wriggles 800 Li Long. The cliffs and rocks there, grotesque and fantastic in shape or appearance, hidden in mists and clouds, present a wonderful view of natural beauty. It is said in old legend that the divine ox in Heaven steals the royal drink of the Jade Emperor (the Supreme deity of Taoist) and absconds here. The Jade Emperor dispatches a troupe of gods to arrest the ox. The Queen, however, is compassionate and has sympathy with the ox for its diligent and hardworking character. Together with the divine frog and turtle in her Jade Pond, she comes in her sedan to rescue the ox..But, at this moment the golden cock crows and heralds the break of day. Frightened out of her wits, she mounts the clouds and rides off herself, leaving her sedan on the spot. All the gods, divine ox, frog, turtle and her sedan are fixed there immediately and frozen into rocks and cliffs, standing there for centuries. The Stone Statue Mountain is well
-known for its fascinating natural scenery. In spring, the hills are covered with jade green trees. Clear Streams flow lively in ravines, Birds sing and flowers give forth their fragrance. In summer, all hills are luxuriantly green and mists or clouds are around them. In autumn, leaves of trees turn yellow, red and purple, presenting a blaze of all colours. In winter, the hills are covered with snow and trees look as if they are made of snow and crystal. The beauty of the stone Statute Mountain lies in its primitiveness and naturalness. When you come here, you would be fascinated by its charming scenery and probably forget to come back.
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