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China Yibin City:

General Information:
Though YiBin is a bustling city of 600,000, our surroundings are pastoral. Tall mountains, a bamboo forest and miles and miles of orange groves are sights to behold.

Here the rivers Min and Jinsa merge, creating the great Yangtze. To the north lies the province of Sichuan, the most heavily populated province of China. To the south Yunnan and Guizhou provinces.

A small marvel, the Park of the "Floating Wine Cup Brook", lies in the northernmost part of the city. The brook that lends its name to the park winds its way through stony hills and a steep canyon making the water crystal clear. The brook is only in part of a nature work, it was further refined by the great poet Huang TingJian and his friends 900 years ago. What a source of inspiration this place must have been. Here, to the then wilderness, he came to endure four years of banishment, and here he built his house and garden. Soon his poet friends gathered at his house to eat and drink.

Yibin Economy:
The city focuses its industry on electronics, food products, and the production of electricity. The city also produces paper, silk, and leather products. The surrounding region is rich in agricultural resources, growing rice, barley, oil seeds, sesame, and tea.

The history of YiBin stems from a time of which little is known, evolving though times of invasions, empires and dynasties. We do know that it was not always the Han Chinese who populated Sichuan province. nor did it carry that name - but the three rivers must have been here longer than any man, thus the province is aptly named. We know of the Bo people who lived in this district under the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties (1100-256 BC). The Bo populated Yibin were called Dao in Chinese, thus the county encompassing Yibin was called Bo Dao county. The name has changed slightly through the ages simply by the act of translation from one tongue to another. One time the name was changed due to politics - it sounded too much like the name of the emperor. Also Yibin has suffered the fate of the vanquished. In 1276 AD the city was completely torched and demolished by Yuan invaders - but later a new city was built on the same spot.

Many visitors to Yibin come through Chengdu or Chongqing, then reach Yibin city by express bus, train or taxi, but there are also a flight that will take you directly to Yibin from Beijing. For getting to Yibin the four hours bus ride from ChengDu is unsurpassable.

Bamboo Handcrafts
Yibin is the bamboo base of Sichuan province with its total amount of standing bamboo forest accounting for 90 percent of the province. There are more than 50 bamboo species in 31,800-hectare bamboo forest. The annual Cutting amount includes 1,272,700 pieces of bamboo and 321,000 tons of other bamboos.
The bamboo base not only provides inexhaustible raw materials for the industries of papermaking, building material and furniture making, but also enlarges the traditional bamboo carving and bamboo handicraft and promotes the development of tourism souvenirs. Now the bamboo handicraft products total more than 2,000 kinds in 18 types, all are elegantly shaped, with exquisite workmanship and acclaimed as the acme of perfection. Some are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, enhancing economical and cultural exchanges between China and other nations. By the year of 1997, the bamboo forest is 63,200 hectare and the annual cutting amount doubled.

Local Tea Products
Acidic soil is dominant in the southern and northwestern parts of Yibin County. This is ideal for growing tea. Thanks to our natural advantage, Yibin has developed into an important center of tea production. Yibin's tea plantations span an area of 300 thousands Mu (0.1644 acre = Mu) With the aid of modern tea processing plants such as Yibin Tea Plant, Julian Tea Plant and others, the annual output totals more than 10 000 metric tons. Here you will find the main source of of Sichuan Congo Black Tea, which accounts for over half the total tea exports from the province. Its Tip Black Tea won a gold medal at an international fair and is popular in Europe and America. In addition to Black Tea, our green tea such as "ShuiShangYinZhen" (silver needle on water), "LongHuCui" (green dragon Lake) are also successful exports from Yibin County.
WuLiang Spirits
Located in Yibin. the first city along the Yangtze River and the
concourse of the Jinsa and Min rivers, the Yibin Wuliangye Distillery (YBWD) ranks among the Sizable modernized backbone enterprises in the field of spirits brewery in China. It covers an area of 4.5 square km, employs 12.000--Plus staff. With its annual output of 100.000 tons of spirits and yearly profit of 750 million Yuan RMB. YBWD sales its flagship product "Wuliangye" spirits far and wide, at home and abroad, making it popular in more than 100 countries and regions all across Europe, Asia and Americas. "WuLiangYe" spirits enjoys high reputation among domestic. and overseas consumers. In 1988, therefore. YBWD received the quality certificate for its products from the national government and the "Quality Control Prize" from the National Ministry of Commerce. in 1990, it also got the "National level Quality Management Award", in 1991, it obtained "0ne of the Ten Biggest Brands in China" for its spirits brand. in 1994, it was the first brewery in China to pass the BVOI international quality attestation by the international Quality inspection Bureau of France, and, in 1995, it was recognized as the "King of Spirits Brewery in China" by the 50th Worldwide Statistics Conference. thus topping the list of China's brewery for consecutive 3 years of 1994, 1995 and 1996.
Today's YBWD, famed for the "Garden Factory", is endowed with new implications for its brilliant, age-old spirit culture. Elaborate factory surroundings, unique sculptures, modern buildings and evergreen trees and hushes combined have formed-a characteristic WuLiangYe culture. Here one can see the tallest tower of the enterprising Spirit-Striving Tower and the biggest spirits culture museum of China--WuLiangYe Spirits Culture and History Museum. Here one can also witness a strong favor of the enterprising spirit, good working conditions. Advanced technology and equipment and first class working force. All this has made the age old trade take on a new look.
In 1995, former Premier LiPeng wrote an inscription for YBWD "WuLiangYe, the fine Spirits of China". However. YBWD members know quite clear that the great achievements merely belonged to the past. What they must do is to strive forward to make greater progress in the future.
Local Taste Cates
Soaked Duck Eggs Yibin Style
This is not a snack for the faint of heart, and shouldn't be confused with the regular unshelled black duck eggs you find all over China. In the case of our Yibin style eggs, the eggshell is painstakingly removed, leaving the inner membrane. Now the egg must be sealed into a jar or glass filled to the brim with a local spicy sauce. For how long? Feel free to experiment! Through this treatment the egg turns black and acquires a powerful taste. Eat crushed and with plenty of beer and good company.
It is one kind of herb, the processing method was invented in 1838. The mostly characteristics are sweet, tender, delicious... Before 1949, the "YangHongXing" sauce & pickles shop was producing one kind of this famous product - "Five Fragrant YaCai" which once having sales over the eastern Asia. Now the current version of YaCai is called "Minced YaCai". One of the local producer's web site is www.suimiyacai.com and you can get more information by visting here.
Fire Noodle
This is a typical, traditional Yibin dish, and you may well choose it as the main course at dinner. But when you come to Yibin, you will find people eating it all times - even several times a day. The citizens of Yibin congregate at the local noodle shop, there is sure to be one a few steps in either direction, and each shop will have its own special method of preparation. It's a hard stunt to follow when an experienced vendor swings the noodle to dry with precision and lightning speed. Though the blend will vary from shop to shop, you will usually find your noodles served with minced peanuts, YaCai herb, sesame oil, soy, and a generous helping of peppery cayenne oil. The name of the dish is no misnomer, if ignited the noodle will really burn, so pick a small shop and select a seat near the door.
Fantastic Taste Chicken
It is more than 50 years history, the cooking procedure is also strange, first they cook bind the chicken legs over, put it in the high temperature water (not boiled), second add the cold water & let the water boiling softly, next after several minutes boiling, impale the skin, season it with the local seasoning...
The Pickle Snack
Don't come to Yibin looking for French fries or potato chips. We have the pickle! Within city limits there are in excess of three hundred pickle kitchens and vendors, and all have their own secret recipe. Just imagine, even a delicious snack that contains no fat, no wonder the people of Yibin is such a healthy lot.

Yibin Attractive points:
DaGuan Tower
The tower is situated right in the heart of Yibin City. The present DaGuan Tower is a mere 230 years old. There has been two other towers on this site previously. The first one was raised in 1522. The war that later destroyed this tower also brought down the Ming dynasty. The second tower was toppled at some point during the Qing KangXi dynasty.
Stone Cave Forest
The astonishing stalactite caves of Xingwen county cover a 121 sq kilometers area of forested hills. There are 83 caves in all, each with its own special architecture, some dome like others funnel shaped, some deep others shallow, a profusion of natural diversity. The grandest of all is the Tianquan cave, 4200 m deep with seven impressive halls along the route. Most amazing of all is the Hall of Cascading Light. Here light replaces water to create a fairy tale cascade. Elves must have danced here! The rays of the sun enter the hall trough an opening high above, creating an amazing natural spectacle. This sight has enchanted visitors for centuries. Further into the cave is the astounding Funnel Hall, sporting a diameter of some 500 to 560 m. A masterpiece of engineering designed by Nature itself.
The Stone Cave Forest is situated near the Miao nationality's cultural capital, in itself an attraction to make the trip to Xingwen county worthwhile.
XiJia Fazenda
This is the XiJia Villa, it's located in Jiang'an County, a wealthy man living in the days of the Ming dynasty named Xi founded it. From the During Qing dynasty (1644-1661) onwards, it has been continuously enlarged until the present, now this garden like site covers 10,000 square meters and encompasses 108 buildings. Together, they constitute a typical Chinese Qing dynasty style villa. All buildings are decorated in great detail in the traditional Chinese style. Throughout the gardens trees have been left to grow for hundreds years. Thousands aigrettes flock to this little forest every spring to nest.
There are three pagodas within Yibin city limits. In ancient times, there were quite many temples and pagodas in and around Yibin, but most were destroyed in times of strife or by the whims of nature. The flooding of the Jingsa river destroyed the entire city in the year 843
AD. Later the Mongolian invasions of 1242 and 1267 took a heavy toll.
The Jiuzhou Pagoda,
The oldest one, was built 1102-1109 AD with 29.5 m, and squared root.
The White Pagoda
This is the closest. It was built in 1567-1572, it raises 8 stories or 35.8 m. It was built during the time of the third (fourth?) reconstruction of Yibin. At that time the city limits coincided with those of present-day Yibin.
The Black Pagoda
Was built in a distant and safe place atop the Seven Star Mountain in Ming Dynasty with 7 stories. The name derives from the black bricks used for its construction.
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