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The Harbin Ice Lantern Festival

The Harbin Ice Lantern Festival >> Trade >> Deere Harbin Ice and Snow Festival capital markets enhance the value of city

Deere Harbin Ice and Snow Festival capital markets enhance the value of city

EDITORIAL opened today in the China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, this year has traversed 24 course. 24, in the Snow-build Xuesu world, to break the northeast traditional "cat Winter" habits of the people in Harbin, their tours of a holiday Ice Wanxue, development into a world-famous, and harmony of the event to create wealth. The end of 2007, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival selected success "of China's top 10 influential festivals." Jin Qi, this newspaper launched "Ice and Snow Festival enhance the value of cities" series of reports by "financing chapter," "Brand chapter," "stimulating chapter," interpreted by the Ice and Snow Festival has taken the road of market-oriented, brand and the road to the right place Economic engine, with a view to the relevant industries and draw some inspiration.

The North Museum curator of fine arts, the famous folk artist Liu Heng-fu did not expect, from his design, investment, production of "Ice Columbia sister" series of souvenir birth of the end of last year, 12, was designated as the characteristics of Ice and Snow tourism souvenirs, you can Various scenic spots, the sale of a resort, he invested over 100 million cost of not fully recovered a few days.

Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin-market, public funding not only active in recent years, foreign investment have also emerge. Ice and Snow Festival this year, from Macau and Hong Kong, the two companies huge amounts of money for the construction of three five-star hotel, to fill the Yabuli ski area for many years without the luxury hotel blank.

After 24 Grounding, seek diversified financing channels in the exploration, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival fledgling gradually Fung, the city of Harbin because of the value of this world-renowned festivals and rapidly improve.

"Diyitongjin" very difficult to scrape together

Was born in the planned economic system under the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival can be said to be in the "arranged" grew up. By the late 1990s, more and more clearly aware of: financial investors do section alone is not the long term, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival to be out of the fetters of a single investment system, the use of Ice and Snow resources for social and business participation.

Memories of the first design "Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival market-oriented operation of the implementation of the programme," the scenes, the original city festival organizing committee deputy director of the office, the municipal government is now director of the Chief Duty Room Xing Simon quite a lot of mixed feelings: "At the time, just a few of the self-study Knowledge about the market economy, the staff of the Office of the Ice and Snow to sit together, discuss the drafting of the programme side, the side to the economic management experts called the Advisory. Again and programmes designed, once again, be overturned, 'Diyitongjin' very difficult to scrape together."

Xingzhu Ren said that in 2002 the 18th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival eve of the opening, the city Office of Ice and Snow for the implementation of municipal party committee and government of "Ice and Snow Festival activities to implement market-oriented operation" and decided to draft the "implementation plan". Conditions in the implementation of the programme, the city festival organizing committee decided to research, market operation will be broken down into four categories: category sponsors, the title of class, designated categories of goods, Jielu advertising. In order to mobilize and guide the community participation, the city government was to give investors a very favourable return: investment entrepreneurs Waibu granted "honorary members of the public in Harbin City" title-invested enterprises can be used as the 18th Ice and Snow Festival in association with the unit, the municipal leadership I presented to investors honorary certificate and plaque, in the Ice and Snow Festival tickets on various investment reflects the name of......

After all, investment in Ice and Snow is a new thing, the market uncertain future, despite the city government was given a huge "Package", but take the initiative to invest in the business or rare. That only a few advertising companies bought out a number of knives flag Jielu the right to publish ads, Ice Fair organizers pains to pull to a brewery sponsor printing tickets, tickets printed on the back of the wineries in this ad.

P Plus snow business attracted investors

While market-oriented operation of the beginning of numerous difficulties, but these investors, the Government will "help launch", these brave, "Knight" to seize the Ice and Snow Festival-market opportunities in the exploration and quickly at home, the Amoy Gardens to an Yanre "Diyitongjin."

The achievements of the first batch of investors, attracting more and more into this later to compete in emerging markets.

By 2006, the Office of the door ice and snow began to be asked to be involved in activities of the festival sponsored enterprises and associations Jide not on the clearance, the snow came the area the right to operate the bidding information from private capital to operate the cultural activities, sports events , The Forum, and so is your side Changba me play. Last year, South Korea, Canada, Japan and other countries of the investors have begun to enter the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival-market, "Kuo Chao hand," several thousand million capital investment in Big World Ice and Snow Festival theme of Expo, and other scenic spots, Korean dramas " Jang Geum " actor Lee was also invited to an Ice and Snowas a Big World" image ambassador "of this year, the Yabuli to Macao and Hong Kong companies to invest tens of billion yuan, the construction of three five-star - Class hotel and resort facilities transformation. It is learnt that the current Yabuli substantially improve the reception capacity, enough to undertake in 2009 the 24th session of the World University Games, when Yabuli will become a world-class ski resort. According to city statistics do ice and snow, the 24th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival 100 activities in 65 or private enterprises by foreign investment.

Full-Ice and Snow Festival opened up the market, this does not mean that the "Da Saba." Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Yang Jie, deputy director of ice and snow do that to people in the capital, foreign investment of Ice and Snow Festival "entry permit", the Government being extremely careful : To study the strength of enterprises, qualification, and also test the experience of enterprises running festival And level.

Giant hands of the market for silver ice and snow

Today, both the development of Ice and Snow tourism resources, or to real estate development and investment integration of Ice and Snow tourist destinations, or simply do Festival, the involvement of various types of capital, a look - Ice and Snow Festival is a lucrative market.

Snow Fair to a 20-year run, attract the financing business is the first of three years. Last year attracted the investment side is constant if Granville, in 6.5 million yuan, more than 100 million profit. Nengzhuan on a winter under this number, which is a considerable number of enterprises are a good sale. Last year and this year, Sun Island assets management company wins business operations, as investors, but if the constant Granville veterans of the investment still persistent snow Fair, said: "Snow Fair next year I will come back!"

In fact, the funding is in foreign capital markets to cope with Ice and Snow Festival, in addition to flexible mechanisms, flexible mode of operation. Sun Island assets management company spent 11 million yuan buy the right to operate a Snow Fair, the premium would be fair to snow clothes, advertising, title, such as the right to auction on January 1 to Post Hotel Group, and Group, and other enterprises, such as Snow before Fair has been the opening of this money back. Investment in the Snow Big World Group of Seoul, Ma again and again and investment ski industry, such as the Pearl Group, have taken this approach to resolve the investment risk. And the end of this value chain enterprises, but also to their own satisfaction with the proceeds. A contract this year-the self-employed Fair yurts, revealed to reporters: make a Siwu Wan yuan no problem.

As the Municipal Party Committee Party School Professor of Economics at Zhiping said, diversified investment solved the festival was originally a single value chain, the market this giant invisible hand, is the winter will control 10% of the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival-renowned domestic and international markets.

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