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The Harbin Ice Lantern Festival

The Harbin Ice Lantern Festival >> Trade >> Harbin Ice and Snow economy in 2008 ahead of "hot start"

Harbin Ice and Snow economy in 2008 ahead of "hot start"

As the 10th International Hua Xuejie the Damulakai Heilongjiang, the attendant is on January 5 start of the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin City, tourism has entered the winter season. In practice, however, the number of families in Harbin City hotel by early reservations, some of the new restaurant-entertainment shops and commercial enterprises in Harbin, the warm marketing activities, in the "snow-gold" has not yet officially opening ago, showing that the winter tourism economy in Harbin City Has been ahead of schedule "preheating".

Guest house was to "round infants"

Some of the Harbin family hostels conducted an investigation. After the discovery into the winter, Harbin City, "family hotel" and the increasingly booming business, and with the arrival of large numbers of skiers, families in Harbin, the occupancy rate of hotels rapid warming, most of the family hostels have been booked air.

With that in place of the electric water, furniture bedding variety of kitchen utensils, hotel suites beyond the private space and comfort, far below the hotel occupancy price advantage, "family hostels" attracted a large number of tourists and Skiers. Reporter learned through the investigation, following the previous "monthly pricing, six months Qizu" the traditional way after renting, mainly for short-term rental of "family hostels" Jiancheng trend.

It is understood that the city of Harbin on the market "family hostels" by the two types of components, the ownership of private property rights is a single set of hotel-style apartments, such as Metro built a very loving men and women, the new Lake Pearl, Nobutsune New Town , And other senior in a small apartment, and so on a busy street is the strategic or the private property owned or used the more Liangshiyiting for the large apartment above. Apart from an intermediary company sold, the great majority of rental tenants are short on-line there, a lot of foreign tourists to the city of Harbin are very interested in this, "family hostels" has gradually become a trend.

Love built a family hostels within the community intermediary officials said a month ago, some of the skiers from domestic advice and reservations, now more than 30 apartments have been visitors to "round", the longest term next year after the Chinese New Year At the end of 2. Harbin City area's largest ski resort - the Eurasian window of a ski resort near the family's hotel from the end of November the first snowfall, the occupancy rate is already 100 percent, and foreign tourists here in one room hard to come by. Groud World of Ice and Snow from the Sun Island Scenic Spot and only 10 minutes of the Garden District, a family hotel has been fully booked, and the Convention and Exhibition Centre Zhichizhiyao the number of families have already sold out hotel rooms, the southern end of Central Avenue a number of new-Ming Yuan Family hotel room was to "round infants."

It is understood that in Harbin, a certain scale of operation in the family hotel companies have more than 10 homes, families, a total of more than 300 hotels.

The reason that the family hostels "fire" in its "home" feeling, but from cost-effective, cost-effective than the hotel, is very suitable for living more than one mouth tourism. General family hostels targeted a TV, washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators and a full set of kitchen utensils and bedding, sofas, wardrobes, tables and chairs, mahjong, and so have everything. Facilities than some stars hotel also complete, and the rent is below the standard hotel. Rent on the 80 RMB to 300 RMB between. It is understood that many families hotels also charge d'affaires Sun Island Snow Fair, snow and ice Big World and longevity hill ski tour, the Yabuli ski Erri You and other tourism projects.

The shop store, "Zhang" Towards season

Winter tourist season approaching, in the face of the public and tourist spending boom of the tremendous business opportunities, some investors look to this opportunity, have opened new stores in the near future. In recent days, involving food, toiletries, fitness, entertainment, retail and service industries, such as the Village of the large number of new stores opened, in order to be in the great surging consumer people down, making "pots full bowl full."

November 29, the business area of 3,000 square metres of modern large-scale renovation fine hotel Jinsheng yuan hotel amenities to open the door, chic, share hall can accommodate 1,000 dining, with more than 20 luxury rooms, perfect facilities, complete. Officials said the shop, the shop is situated hang, is that many ski resorts along the line, and now has more than a travel professional, a sentinel catering shop. The development zone located in the Nangang-Chung is still fresh, just this month on the 14th try, its Xinpai Guangdong, Hong Kong-style roast meat, consumers have been won. It is understood that like this in high-end hotels, nearly a month, Harbin City, opened more than 10.

Entertainment companies in the food "in winter tourism cake" does not show weakness in the September opening of the new fashion discount KTV, has 90 rooms, become the largest in Harbin, KTV, its hardware facilities is the most advanced, director of the shop Chang Wang Zhongpei said that singing is a lot of fashion-loving people and tourists, in order to combine both the demand, he opened the KTV love built in Riverside, where many residents of fashion, many hotels and guest houses, but from the snow and Big World Sun Island close for tourists to the city of Harbin in consumer demand. Yiya ah music broadcaster in the renovation, will be opened this month on the 20th-lift, at this time of opening, the shop is valued at the time of the tourist season consumption.

The most winter tourism and related sectors - hotels, is also frequently open new stores. November 18, such as fast-fifth hotel in Harbin, opening shops on the street, according to home as fast hotel in Harbin Pioneer Road store manager on duty at the Jing He, in the end of this year as home Siu Lun Street, Anguo Street and green buildings, and other places The three stores will be opened by then if the family shop in the city of Harbin will reach 8. Harbin, the hotel leading enterprises Jubilee fast-fast-comfortable hotel chain will soon open in the eighth South Road shop.

From the November date, in restaurants, bath, fitness, entertainment, retail and service industries, such as the Village, a new large-scale stores have opened more than 20 other small and medium-sized shops on the even more numerous.

Promotion of tourism economy lively start

In meeting peak travel season, so busy most popular when is major shopping malls. Great Shopping Carnival has just ended its 2008 Dianqing will Qimu; Kazakhstan 100 new just-concluded Dianqing activities so that consumers enjoy a "queue up at" Le Song Square in the ongoing third anniversary of Dianqing......

In these busy shopping delight at the same time, as the country's largest fur sales Bingcheng the fur shop, but also for the public and tourists, launched various activities. Ms. Jin, Northeast Tiger, Gui Furen, celebrities and other fur stores in the articles do propaganda. Over the period, many are Rentoucuandong fur shop, queuing up contributions. According to hang a fur shop in the area responsible person, Harbin City, the large number of fur shops, many brands, many styles, according to previous sales experience, many tourists in the ice Wanxue tours at the same time, will give their take home a fur Therefore, in Harbin, fur shop as early as more than a month before the promotion has begun vigorously.

Major restaurants have also staged promotional play. To the elegant and stylish Shangdaokafei said the restaurant, introduced the French Food Festival activities, the classic French food with authentic Chinese dishes perfect combination to bring customers a taste of double vision and enjoyment of Dalian Bay seafood others Introduced the "Xiabingxieqiang cuisine on" activities; Island were three shops catering Tongchuang "the first seafood festival" high grade, high-grade food for the winter tourism Bingcheng added more delicious experience.

Preheating for the first winter tourism, should be the peak of the travel agencies and ski resort. Reporter in the interview that the province Brigade, Kang Hui Brigade, the provincial holiday travel agencies, reported to the brigade, such as travel agencies have introduced more than 20 Xuexiang tours, ski tours, ice and other tourism projects through train Big World, we understand , Who launched the project have been overcrowded, many teams have been to the reservation after the Spring Festival. According to the urban areas close to major ski resorts are to play their own advantages and work out their own trick, Bingcheng winter tourism engage in a more lively. Who are skiing on the market as early as the beginning of the full liberalization, and introduced lighting the night skiing, Yuquan Arctic ski resort every day to send car Shuttle FIT team.

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