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The Harbin Ice Lantern Festival

The Harbin Ice Lantern Festival >> Trade >> Pry fixed Harbin Ice and Snow Festival pulling economic levers City Value

Pry fixed Harbin Ice and Snow Festival pulling economic levers City Value

At the moment, the Festival brought to the Civil Aviation Ruchao tourists have been some "Zhaojiabuzhu". The Ice and Snow Festival opened before and after, more than 110 million Chinese and foreign guests went to Kazakhstan to participate in Ice and Snow event, Harbin Taiping International Airport from a record high volume of tourists visiting Hong Kong, Haikou, Sanya, Xiamen, Beijing, Harbin flights to become "air hotline." Railway and road traffic also Biping Ri Douzeng 30%.

Winter on the previous one to "starve" Hashi major hotels in the Festival period, "a hard to come by." No advance booking of tourists in early January this year were less than the rooms, some hotels in before and after the opening ceremony of the Festival "over Taiwan," as high as 200 percent.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival's success has been not only is ice Xuesu visitors to the visual impact, is to Harbin to re-organize the snow economic way of thinking - this piece of cake bigger ice industry, "Harbin shares "Appreciation.

"Dong-cat" farmers make big money out of the house

"La from the ice -" In early December, out sonorous voice, ruggedness, the effect of ice in the frozen surface of the Songhua River has been rung. From the ice, is like out of clarion call, a marked change of our ancestors for generations, "the cat Winter" habit of Harbin, began "busy winter."

The past, Harbin, every winter, few pedestrians on the street, entered the park area off-season, most people homes, a deserted city loneliness, the public life of amateur tedious. Dong Xian and the farmers began lazy Kangtou, small drink wine, Cuoma will. Unexpectedly, from the start in the 1960s, the 1980s boom, the Festival in recent years mature, completely changed the Bingcheng way of life, changed the employment concept.

According to statistics, now in Harbin City in each of at least 20,000 jobs directly depend on snow and ice. Harbin Ice and Snow only Big World, the annual production of around 9,000 staff will, together with Sun Island Snow Fair, the construction Bingdeng You Yuanhui, a total of 20,000 people.

Every winter, many laid-off workers in Harbin City and migrant workers in the mining ice, Wan Bing, Bing King, and other manufacturing sectors completed the job, and Yabuli, the Erlongshan field, and other scenic areas of the ski resort maintenance, service or even to ski coach , And other positions, most of the local area farmers. It can be said that the snow is hot economy will be "a cat in winter," the North farmers out of the Kangtou.

"Domino" effect of stimulating industry

Some experts such analysis "Ice and Snow economy": snow-covered tourism, Ice and Snow Sports, Ice and Snow Culture, Ice and Snow Art, Ice and Snow Economic and Ice and Snow Trade services related industries.

Experts also described as "Ice and Snow economy" in Harbin, as overthrown by the "domino" This enormous natural wealth structure from the city's snow-industrial advantages for the development of urban tourism, such as opening to the outside world has created exceptional conditions, Bring to the city people, goods, capital flow, information flow. Ultimately, formation of Ice and Snow as "axis", tourism, commerce multiple follow-up project, the city formed an important economic role in stimulating the industrial system.

For example, ski industry, according to city statistics do Ice and Snow, ski tourists each spending an average of about 100 RMB a day, usually in the area stay three days, food, housing, transport total investment in more than 1,000 RMB. For example, the service industry, the Tourism Bureau statistics show that since December last year, Harbin's hotel occupancy rate climbed steadily, more than three-star hotel occupancy rate up to a 100 per cent. Accommodations and Dining also some tourists attractions in the vicinity of the "small rural hospital," Qiao rural economy by Ice and Snow tourism rise. For example, the transportation industry, the taxi driver in Harbin Ice and Snow Festival during the day in additional revenue nearly doubled. Another example of industrial, Kazakhstan flights Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. from 2005 to start producing machine-made snow, the products are exported to Henan, Xinjiang, Beijing and Russia¡­¡­

Some enterprises, operating through the snow for many years, further integration of capital, increased the strength. Operating the horse again and again snow Big World Group Co., Ltd. Seoul shares, from the past a simple hotel industry's development into a snow-operation projects and the hotel industry-based, other industries, supplemented by the diversified group. Cit¨¦ Soleil asset management companies since the successful operation three years ago-Fair area, gradually from a little-known North Quzhu-enterprise development as a right to make their own decisions, the assets of nearly 100 million of large enterprise groups. Yabuli Windmill Hill (Ski Center) Enterprise Group, Pearl Ski Group, Jihua Group longevity hill ski, Wu Ji-days of skiing holiday Company, is also making money by snow, will be linked funds and the industrial chain of "snowball "The greater the roller.

Economic and ice climbing to a new high

Provide new jobs and stimulate the development of related industries of Ice and Snow economy, has now become the economic development in Harbin, a new growth point in the city's economic position in the chain become more important.

Ice and snow for the city's economy, "money bag of" making a tremendous contribution. The last Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin City, domestic and foreign tourists had received more than 700 million passengers, the tourism revenue over 70 billion RMB. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival has attracted to participate in tourism, business meetings, sports events, visiting relatives and friends, and so on a large number of domestic and foreign guests, they eat in Harbin, housing, transportation, travel, purchase, entertainment and other aspects of consumption, for the city has brought considerable The cash income.

From the current festival has just opened, the economy is climbing on snow and ice to a new high. According to the city Office of Ice and Snow forecast, the current festival reception tourists will exceed 8 million passengers, Ice and Snow tourism income is expected to exceed 8.0 billion. According to statistics, since January this year, only 1 to 10, Harbin, on the reception 1135,000 Chinese and foreign tourists, tourism revenue reached 1.14 billion RMB. The Provincial Tourism Bureau show that the data provided by: ski tourism industry in Heilongjiang Province has become a new economic growth points, in a total output value of more than 5 percent of GDP, the obvious role of pillar industries.

24 contained informed and experienced, 24 are harvested. Ice and Snow Festival with the accumulated huge wealth of natural resources, has changed the lives of the Northeast, production, it has become the view of most proud of Harbin, the largest and most beloved one of the major festivals, the city became enhance the value of the new carrier, Qingguoqingcheng become Harbin on behalf of the Chinese character to the world of a well-known brands.

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