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Changchun 3 days

Puppet Palace MuseumFirst Day : Car arrived in Changchun, after lunch Tour Changchun University campus location: Origin retroactively before the founding of the Changchun University, located in scenic North Spring City - the Nanhu Lake in Changchun City of Dying. Here was a Puppet period of Konkuk University and the KMT rule of Changchun University College of Agriculture site. 1949, the party and the government here to set up in Changchun, Accounting and Statistics industrial technical school, so that the students of Changchun University. After after the Jilin Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Jilin University of Technology, and other developments. 1987, Comrade Li Peng wrote School Name "in Changchun University" and the inscription: "based on local, facing the future." Changchun Puppet Palace Museum: China's last emperor - Aixinjueluo. Puyi live as long as 14 homes to visit. (Puppet Manchukuo Palace Exhibition Hall of Changchun City in the northeast corner. An area of 43,000 square meters. Last Emperor Qing Dynasty here was originally Aixinjueluo. Pu Yi ascended the throne at the third palace. 1931 "9. January 8," Incident The following year the Japanese invasion, held in Shenyang, "the Executive Committee of the Northeast." Through the so-called "Manchukuo, the founding of the programme", decided to set up a puppet Manchukuo, the bailiff, Aixinjueluo. Puyi to "govern" and of "all" in Changchun. Changchun to as "New Beijing." February 18 the same year, announced the establishment of the puppet Manchukuo, March 8, Puyi received from Lushun in Changchun. Changchun, where he was staying with Yoon Amun. March 9, as the ruling Puyi, the "Datong." April Puyi moved to the original Monopoly Kyrgyzstan and shipped the office building and changed its name to the floor, "Ji-hee floor." Early 1934, to "Manchukuo" as "Manchukuo Empire", to "govern" "Emperor" Nian Hao "Kant." In March 1, Jidi Wei Pu Yi and his home life for the Emperor Palace. Dili at the Palais des Neiting, foreign-ting. Neiting is the daily life of Pu Yi and Houfei living areas; Pu Yi-ting, is the place to engage in political activities. Neiting is East and West House, West Ji-hee floor of a hospital, Eastern Hospital have begun construction of the 1936 Tongde Hall. In and outside the door, Ting said, the ground floor, , Huaiyuan House, Jia Yue Dian, and so on.)
On the net Tam Second Day : 4 A Guide for national-level forest park - Jingyuetan national forest park, the Jingyuetan national forest park located in Changchun City, south-east, only 18 kilometers from the city centre, the unique geographical advantages, is known as the "noisy city in a Pure Land." Jingyuetan Shenlaizhibi, the Jingyuetan beautiful scenery Zhuangban scores of Yaorao. Man Shan Tu Green in the spring, Tachun steady stream of visitors; summer heat, such as shade screen. More than 100 square kilometres of forest area, Tanshui area of 430 hectares, so the plantation Haohan sea, known as the "Asian of the most!" Jingyuetan for water storage dam was named after the meniscus-shaped, the beautiful and famous, known as Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake's sister Tam, Hao Han Lin Hai, such as dense texture, marshalling soldiers close to the mountains, mighty and majestic, containing a 30 The integrity of species of forest eco-systems. The four distinct seasons like Kamikaze climate that Bibo, boating, fishing, swimming the summer resort; deciduous mother-in-law, Cenglin do with color a good spot Lan cool autumn; snow early Ji, Trinidad frozen, Tanshuiningzhi, snow - Wrapped, one faction Northland scenery. Hollywood has visited the Orient, known as the long shadow Century City, "a long shadow Century City" is China's first film and television entertainment industry combination of world-class movie theme park, covers an area of 1 million square meters; down to Entertainment-driven, covers an area of 300,000 square meters, 1.5 billion RMB investment. "Long shadow Century City," located in Changchun, the net zone, adjacent to Asia's largest forest park. As the world tourists Film Culture and Tourism of a special brigade stations, movie Century City, a project will be the people's ideal of fantasy paradise, magical plants, innovative absorb the Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland, the essence of the construction, with high-speed film , Dynamic screen television, children's film and television, giant-screen film and television, fantasy films, television, laser video, special effects films, television, film location, water sports, such as video 10 Resort, set in today's world special effects film and film Gaoke technology Daquan, so that people really dream True that the "unique to China, the world's most advanced," the joy of realizing his dream in the world!
Changchun Film StudioThird Day : Tour of Changchun's largest leisure Square - Cultural Plaza, formerly known as Geological Cultural Palace Square Plaza, the city is the largest city square, located in the urban centre covering more than 20 million square metres of turf Cultural Square flowers, pigeons Lvwa making the other more beautiful, tree wall Yongdao , Sculptures and the surrounding trees and construction of a loved one in Changchun by the picturesque attractions. Eight of the pseudo-military Puppet Ministry (now the first of Norman Bethune Medical University College: pseudo-Ministry of Economic Affairs (now the third Bethune Medical University Clinical School), the Ministry of agriculture (now the Northeast Normal University Fuzhong), the people's livelihood Department (now the Jilin Chemical Industry Design Institute), the Ministry of Culture and Education (now the Northeast Normal University Fuxiao), the Ministry of Justice (now the Department of Norman Bethune Medical University School), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (now the Jilin Academy of Social Sciences), the Ministry of Communications (now Bethune Medical University, Department of Health and Preventive Medicine), Eight Department and the State Council and the pseudo-Ya is a comprehensive law by Japanese and Puppet Armies during the main buildings, located in Xinmin on both sides of the street. Changchun Film Studio , so that each of these Chinese citizens and foreign friends are aware of and longing for the mysterious art Palace, is the first of a film studio in China is an important base for a comprehensive film of the Changchun Film Studio in the urban area southwest of Changchun. Is China's first film studio. China is an important integrated One of the bases of the film, October 1, 1946, in Manchuria Pictures Corporation on the basis of the establishment of the Northeast Film Studio. October 2, 1955, renamed the Changchun Film Studio, movie production equipment , Is strong in the arts, since the construction has been filming a new movie China's first puppet film "The Emperor Dream", the first Ke Jiaopian "prevention of plague," the first cartoon, "Wengzhongzhuobie", the first short feature films "He left a Laojiang", the first feature films of "ordinary" soldiers, the first chapter of feature films, "Bridge" at the same time, the long shadow for the new China train a large number of well-known film artists and film star, known as the New China and the cradle of the film industry. Changchun Film Studio: here a wide range shooting the film, a reflection of China's real people's lives all walks of life, early filming of "White-Haired Girl", "Zhao Man," "Liu Hu Lan ", as well as film studios across the country to train and provide a large number of film arts talent. Changchun Film Studio of China's important is a comprehensive base of the film, is also the cradle of China's film arts. Filming in China for the long shadow of the A large number of feature films, Ke Jiaopian, TV series, Yi Zhipian, several times in the international film festival awards, as well as throughout the country to train and provide a large number of artistic talent. Orchestras in the long shadow are renowned at home and abroad, for all types of film dubbing The theme song and music so that the majority of the audience get to enjoy a high level of art. After lunch the return.

Participate in the notes :

  1. Tickets: Changchun Puppet Palace Museum, 40 RMB / person, the Jingyuetan Forest Park 25 RMB / person long shadow Century City, 220 RMB / person, the Changchun Film Studio 35 RMB / person.
  2. Fare: its own car.
  3. Guided tours: 100 RMB / Mission.
  4. Lodging: 200 RMB / room / day / Samsung (Free).
  5. Dining: take care of themselves.

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