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Summer tourism Hainan good place

Yecheng NightDay1 : Shenzhen - Haikou .
Hualian Building, downstairs, that is, Hualian hotel door collections, guided by Xinhua at the airport by-night, to the provincial capital of Hainan Province - Haikou City, the way of Haikou tours beautiful night view of the Yecheng. Night stay at the hotel!
BoaoDay2 : Haikou - Xinglong .
After breakfast, use of air-conditioned coaches to the "Asia Forum" meeting of world leaders to - Qionghai, car laid on a statue of Red Detachment of Women, Yuanguan Boao Shuicheng location, the world's rivers by boat to visit the mouth of the natural landscape preservation of the perfect Yudai Tan; in the postprandial; travel to the Wanquan River Rafting Tour by bamboo raft drifting Wanquan River, the largest travel to Hainan Returned Overseas Chinese gather in Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm; after arrival; Xinglong Tropical Garden Plants appreciation of the plant kingdom Qihuayicao; visit the booming coffee processing plants, free tasting coffee. After dinner, free to Friends of Mission at their own expense, enjoy the exotic red cabaret artist, performing wonderful Douren, red artists "Qianjiaobaimei" "Enuoduozi" It will give you left Hainan tour the beautiful memories! Later, back to the hotel to enjoy free hot springs bath.
The East China SeaDay3 : Xinglong - Sanya .
After breakfast, went to China's southernmost coastal city of Sanya City, where the mysterious car laid on the "Goddess of Mercy Island." You have the natural marine culture (Haimen SHI Jing) and Taiwan's scenic spots and cultural customs - the sun and the moon Wan Hoi Mun Park, the ghosts of the Axe Tiancheng momentum of a boulder in the magnificent wonders of Haimen, made with the world, paradise-like scenery will make you intended Love fans. ; Subsequently came to China one of the 40 best scenic spots known as "Fu Changliushui such as the East China Sea," the big (small) East China Sea tourist area, the Friends of Mission at their own expense, can enjoy the meticulous arrangements for the various water sports activities such as scuba diving, parachute at sea, Feel the charm of the sea, submarine experience into the mysterious feeling of weightlessness, water Mingche bottomed out, the sun refracted through the submarine as much as you can enjoy the colorful, Qianzibaitai of marine life, your eyes are multicolored Banlan the fish, in the intimacy of Yiwei Around. . . In the postprandial; Tour Miaozhai Lebanese village, the ancient servant of folk customs, the customs mystery, then, the first China Yuanwang the 11th Asian Games - the southern tip of Taiwan ignition, the Tour has always been known as "days of the precipice" and "Ocean corner "The state AAAA-level scenic spot - the ends of the earth. Exploring the wonders known as seamounts 5 A state-level scenic spot - the size of Nanshan Dongtian; visited Hainan croissants Crystal Ridge - Crystal cultural centers, and understanding of crystal formation process. Can (at their own expense) to enjoy the seafood flavor dinner, after dinner; rest returned to the hotel.
Yalong BayDay4 : Haikou - Shenzhen
After breakfast; car laid on the Miss World beauty pageant site of the finals - the highest in the beautiful, and then; Tour "Tianxiadiyi Bay," said the Yalong Bay in the central square, the group praised totem pole sculpture, graphic read things ancient north-south And eight ancient deified, and the Chinese nation and totem worship, seasonal phenology characteristics, clarity of the cycle of the universe, the astronomical increase awareness of shells into the Hall, to watch the ocean depths of the art treasures - all kinds, Qianzibaitai the shells, stunning nature The Guifushengong and inspire love of nature, the protection of the marine feelings. Yalong Bay to the beach, where sand white as snow, soft as cotton, such as thin face, scenery is Yitan shows that the "natural Diaoshi Beauty", in the postprandial; ride to board tabled a "Hainan First Mountain" known Dongshan Ling, the nature of the Dongshan Ling Ling Qi to create a Xiongqi-jun of the beauty. "Wat is the Peak Galleria, Xian Zhou of the cable, Penglai-Cave" old stone mountains Lilizaimu "Hainan First Hill," "Dongtianfudi" the most spectacular. Back to visit Hainan native products supermarkets, after dinner; Haikou Meilan Airport to return to Shenzhen, the end of a happy journey back to Wenai home!

Offer : 1590 RMB/person.(about USD 212)

Participate in the notes :

Local entertainment at their own expense Recommendations: coral reef diving 300 RMB / person, seafood flavor 150 RMB / person, performing artists red 150 RMB / person Note: the hotel is non-fund regulation 30 RMB / person.

Front : (If the result of the impact of the Boao not open to visitors, the scenic spots and attractions with the cost of the exchange, the cost of Butui.)

  1. With the first big ticket attractions (except their own), guaranteed spots in the integrity of the circumstances, the clubs have to adjust the itinerary to retain power.
  2. Round-trip air fare for construction costs, fuel costs; Hainan to an air-conditioned coach, guided tours of outstanding hospitality services.
  3. Full-or four-star hotel with the hotel, single women in men's singles three-room or worse.
  4. Containing the entire process as early as 6 are 3, 5.1 porridge breakfast, dinner 8 one soup, fruit after a meal.
  5. Quotes, children do not account for parking spaces, beds, ultra-high ticket tickets themselves.
  6. Gift items such as the special case of the reasons for the cancellation or voluntary guests from corporations or abandon the project, this agency will not refund any fees or equivalent exchange.

Trips Guide :

Hainan Island is an island of independence, lack of foreign capital building, built in a short time, tourist facilities, hardware and software Bugangongwei, such as hotel and dining is not perfect. Before you go to the guests in preparation for preventive medicines and sunscreen. We suggest that the Friends of Mission ready for swimsuits, shorts, Shatan Xie, if purchased locally, the prices are relatively high. Samsung Samsung Hainan or more hotel rooms will have some supplies at their own expense, so please use the Friends of Mission at the hotel pay attention to whether the goods price in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

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