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Value - Lijiang Shangri-La 6 days freedoms

Features :

In Caiyunzhinan, in the distant depths of Yunling, a beautiful magical place - Lijiang. Local honest here, Xiongqi Junmei the natural landscape so that you Liulianwangfan, the National Customs unique singularity, so that you Mubuxiajie, Xinzuishenmi. The sun was bright, beautiful white clouds, the sanctity of the snow-capped mountains, the dream of Bik Woo, is full of poeticˇ­ˇ­
Shangri-la Shangri-La" after the Second World Dazhan Shengjiyishi term effects. To name the songs, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions have emerged, it was an isolated people in mind, the quiet and peaceful "Xanadu." In China, many people believe that it is a foreign flavor Shizu of the "mooring to the word" In fact, this is the Tibetan language "to the holy places, static soil," the transliteration. "Shangri-La" from the earliest Americans Hilton's documentary novel "Lost Horizon", the book depicts three U.S. pilots flying over India in the fall on the route when a "snow-capped mountains, grasslands, the Tibetan people, red clay plateau, Three Rivers Flow, colorless Ice Tea, Tibetan monastery "peace, quiet place, after the Tibetan people relief, has finally returned to the United States. According to historical records, the 1944 does have a U.S. transport planes flew over China and India routes in the fall when Zhongdian in Yunnan Province, after strict inspection study, "lost the horizon," as described in a beautiful, "Shangri-La" is the Diqing in Yunnan Province Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Zhongdian area.
Today, Zhongdian has been turned into famous tourist scenic spot in Yunnan, many European, American and Southeast Asian tourists have come here looking for real life in "paradise", we are particularly designed for tourists in this line of tourism, which in addition to "Customs Tour" is in the features, more prominent "Fanpuguizhen, return to nature" theme. "Shangri-La" in Tibetan monastery, is our journey in the organization of Ge Dan Songzanlinsi, its appearance is exactly like the Potala Palace in Lhasa, there are more than 800 monks, the Chingchuankang Congcong, does not overflow the spring and summer, autumn and winter He does not , Five Tibetan Thai House, gold-plated copper watts. Here you can taste of Tibetan Buddhism culture of the mysterious charm, but also you can not make up for the visit of Tibet's regret.
Is willing to "Shangri-La leisure visit" will bring you in the big cities it is difficult to enjoy the physical and psychological thorough independent leisure.

Recommended trip :

LijiangDay1 : Kunming - Lijiang (Accommodation: Lijiang).
Kunming Jietuan, confirmed details of the reception. Travel by high-fast to Lijiang, arrived in Lijiang, placed luggage to the hotel, and then began the gods as the Happy Time. You can go to the ancient city, try the local specialties, and then back to the hotel, the fascination with and into the dreamland of intoxicated.
Ge Dan SongzanlinsiDay2 : Lijiang - Shangri-La (Accommodation: Shangri-La).
Morning by bus to the Shangri-La (Zhongdian). About six hours by car. Upon arrival to the hotel lay down their luggage, take a break and then tour the county town five kilometers from the Ge Dan Songzanlinsi. Linshan vertical Ge Dan Songzanlinsi Yunnan is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple, a huge complex fully embodies the Tibetan architectural characteristics. Large Diannei still houses the Dalai Lama V and VII of the statue. The evening to return to the county, taste Su Youcha, yak meat.
Bita SeaDay3 : Shangri-La (Accommodation: Shangri-La).
Morning ride to the snow-covered plateau most beautiful lakes - Bitahai. It was around the hills, deep in the lush jungle of. As the Tibetan people do not have the tradition of Siyu, where more of the world's only living fossil fish - Zhongdian-lip fish. Napahai Cemayangbian in the afternoon. Here in the summer is the golden season of nomadic pastoralists, cattle and sheep flocks, and the autumn and winter is a paradise for birds wintering. Can see the endangered black-necked cranes and other rare birds.
Day4 : Shangri-La - Lijiang (Accommodation: Lijiang).
Morning bid farewell to the dream of paradise, travel back to Lijiang. To the hotel to rest, of course, nightlife in the city, through the bars. Tiannandebei friends and chat, look at the bulletin board Friends of the brigade, the harvest may be fantastic! Shangri-La from the quiet return to the Renshengdingfei of Lijiang, felt whether to just like separates the world?
Yulong Snow MountainDay5 : Lijiang (Accommodation: Lijiang).
To be less than the Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang. Yu-feng Temple to go to see the plateau 10,000 Camellia wonderful work, but also to watch the Alpine Botanical Garden-Shuizhai or to Yicaoyimu one stone are the gods of the Dongba-million Kamizono. The evening is still in the ancient city, in the relaxed atmosphere have an enjoyable day.
Day6 : Lijiang - Kunming.
Get up earlier, go look at the ancient city in the early morning Chuiyan, Chiwanmixian. Take car to return to Kunming, Kunming Fair, the largest flower market, to return to their homes warm, the end of the color of Yunnan memorable trip!

Offer : 1150 RMB/person.(about USD 154)

Contain costs :

Lijiang three-star hotel standards among three nights, three-star Shangri-La Hotel Standard 2 nights Kunming - Lijiang and from the tourist high fast Qi Chepiao; travel personal accident insurance.

Does not include costs :

Above did not mention the cost of the poor alone, taxi, hotel long distance, laundry expenses, personal expenses.

Participation Notice :

  1. Yunnan belong to the plateau climate and weather changes, please do not forget your departure, the Daiyu San.
  2. Yunnan relatively high altitude, sunlight and strong ultraviolet rays in, please bring your departure, the best sunglasses, Amy Friends of the corporation may wish to put on skin care supplies (sunscreen, etc.).
  3. Yunnan due to relatively high altitude, individual visitors will have altitude sickness, please bring your departure, the best drinking water cups, drink plenty of water because of altitude sickness is the effective mitigation measures.
  4. Yunnan specialty products : Yunnan Baiyao, tea, cigarettes, jewellery, jade, wood crafts, flowers, dried flowers, wild bacteria, Francis Ho, ham, marble products, plums series of food, Bai Zharan.

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