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China Baotou City:

General Information:
Baotou is the largest industral city in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and it lies in the "Golden Triangle"; of Hetao Plain It's an important industrial base for metallurgy, machinery, chemicals and energy in China.It is also abundant in rare earth. The total area of Baotou covers 27, 768 square kilometers, 160. 6 square kilometers of which is urbanised.
¡¡Baotou is a city with 37 nationalities. The people of Mongolia, Han, Man, Hui, Dawuer and Ewenke can all be found here. It has a population of 2,335,600, among whom 1,407,600 are city dwellers.
¡¡Baotou is rich in mineral resources as it lies in the YinShan-TianShan Mountain zone.There are 450mines of various primary resources including metals,non-metals and energy .Baotou and its surrounding area are abundant in coal and the coal,reserves make up 25 percent of the nation's total.The Baiyunebo Mine has iron deposits of more than 1.7 billion tons,It leads the nation in rare-earth reserves. Rare earth deposits in Baotou make up 93 percent of the nation's total and 80.3 percent of the world's total.
¡¡Baotou has become well known since the New year's Day of 1923,when the Ping-Sui Railway was extended west to Baotou. On July 3, 1927, geologist Ding Daoheng discovered the Baiyunebo Mine and predicted that Baotou would be an iron-and-steel base in China.Before the peaceful liberation on september 19,1949,Baotou was a small trading town,with a population of less than 100,000 people,very few modern industries and crude municipal facilities.
¡¡Baotou enterd a completely new development stage after the founding of the People' s Republic of China. Early in December 1949, Baotou City was recognised by the central government as ¡°one of the newly-built iron and steel centers in North china ¡±. During the period of the first and second Five-Year Plans, with the support from the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the people of the whole nation,modern industrial enterprises of iron and steel, rare earth, aluminium, machinery, electrical power and chemicals were established. Baotou thus became a new industrial base. Since the implementation of reform and opening-up policies,especially in the past decade, Baotou has stepped into a second high-speed development stage.
¡¡Nowadays,Baotou has not only become a solid foundation for the national economy,but has also made outstanding progress in basic municipal facilities and various social causes. Over the past ten years,Baotou has been awarded a dozen honorable titles including¡°Model City in Afforestation¡±;¡°Model City in Sanitation¡±;¡°Model City in Children's Causes¡±;¡°Model City in the Implementation of the Government Hou sing Project ¡± and ¡°Model City in Supporting Servicemen¡±.
¡¡Therefor,looking back on 50 years' glorious history,Baotou citizens feel gratified and proud to be able to keep in pace with the country's development.
¡¡Before the Spring Festival of 1999,President Jiang Zemin inspected Baotou and left an inscription:"Unite as a whole and use your strengths to full advantage to build Baotou into a developed economic city in the central and western parts of China".
¡¡This is the ardent expectation of the party and state government for Baotou's future, and it also voices the aspirations of the citizens here .The 21st Century will herald the rapid development in the central and western parts of China .Baotou will play a key role ,because of its advantageous geographical situation ,rich resources ,powerful industrial bases ,and technological strength .Baotou has determined to strive for the third highspeed development stage,and to try hard to achieve the goal of constructing Baotou into a developed economic city .To achieve the goal,we have made the strategies of deepening reform and opening to the outside world,paying more attention science,technology and education ,and following the theory of Deng Xiaoping .In the meantime old and new friends from our home and abroad are welcome to Baotou to invest and establish factories,do business,and make economic and technological cooperations.Let's work together to create a more prosperous future for Baotou!

Located in the western inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Baotou stands at the juncture of the economic zones around Bo-hai Sea and the rich-resource upper valley of the Yellow River. To its north, there is Mongolia, the Yellow River is in its south. The fertile Tumocha Plain and He-tao Plain extend away from its west and east. Yin-Shan Mountain runs across its central part. It's geographical coordinate:109 to 110 degrees east of long Latitude, and 41to 42 degrees of latitude. it covers 27691 square kilometers Running through the City area are two mountains. Yin-Shan and Wu-la-er-Shan, whose average altitude above sea level is 2000 meters, with the highest peak of 2324 meters. The whole city area is made up of three parts: the mountains and hills land in the middle; the plateaus and grassland in the north of the mountains; and plains in the south of the mountains. Hence, the high mid-area, and lower south and north areas, the western part is higher than the eastern.
Part of the Yellow River--214 kilometers--runs through Baotou city area, there are both highway and railway bridges crossing over the River.

Baotou has a half-dry continental monsoon climate of the mid temperate zone. Here are attractive scenery and moderate temperatures. The average temperature annually is 8.5 degrees. Centigrade, with the lowest, 31.4 degrees below zero, the highest, 38.4 degrees Centigrade. But these were figures in history. Nowadays people enjoy a much more pleasant climate.
Summer and autumn are the best seasons. With a pleasant and beautiful weather, and abundant flowers, melons and vegetables, the city is an ideal summer resort. Winter and Spring also have something to represent themselves; the ice and snow covered scenery, which is attractive, too.

The food industry has developed quickly and changed greatly in recent years. Now there are more than 20 kinds of factories and manufacturing outlets in the fields of grain processing, vegetable oil refining, sugar refining, wine making, soft drinks, meat products, milk products, bean products and condiments etc. The Baotou Grassland Sugar (Group) Company is one of the biggest sugar refineries in China, The Baotou Golden Deer Oil Refinery Company is the largest sunflower seeds oil refinery in China .

Baotou Economy:
Through half a century's unremitting efforts, Baotou's industry has grown out of nothing and developed into a large-scale industrial zone. Now it has formed a moden industrial and economic system with iron and steel, rare earth, aluminium, engineering, machinery, heavy-duty automobiles, electricity, textiles,leather products and chemicals as the main sectors. All these industries have taken considerable place in both the local and national economy.

Iron and Steel
The iron and steel industry is the pillar industry in Baotou . The Baotou Iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd. , is one of the largest iron and steel companies in China. Its total capital is RMB24.18 billion yuan and it can produce 4.89 million tons of iron and steel and4.57 million tons of iron and steel products every year. These products are of high quality, and are manufactured in 38 models with l002 different specifications. The special alloy steel produced by the Inner Mongolian No.2 Machinery Plant has reached advanced international level.

Rare-earth industry is Baotou's leading industry and will be the key industry for further development. At present, there are 18 rare-earth enteprises, including the Rare-Earth High-Tech Co.Ltd.of Baotou Iron and Steel Group, which produce a mixture of rare earih and metal products in 80 varieties and 200 specifications. The Rare Earth Research Institute of
Baotou is China's largest comprehensive rare-earth research institute,and has achieved more than 70 research results up to both national and international advanced standards.Established with the approval of the State Council, Baotou Rare-earth High-Tech Development Area, has been put into regular operation. Many high-tech projects including the rare eadh nickel-hydrogen cell and the rare earth permanent-magnet generator for motor-bikes have just commenced operations.

Nonferrous Metals
Aluminium is the main nonferrous metal smelted in Baotou. Every year ,Baotou' s aluminium Company produces 136,800 tons of aluminium ingots and 3,000 tons of aluminium materials.Other nonferrous metals smelted here include carbon (63,000tons a year),copper (6,OOO tons a year), zinc (2,000 tons a year),magnesium (4,000 tons a year) and gold (915,OOO grams a year).Baotou Aluminium Company is one of the eight largest aluminium smelting enterprises in the country, and meets national advanced level in all requirements.

Machinery and Heavy-Duty Automobile Manufacture
There are over 200 machinery enterprises in Baotou,manufacturing different engineering machinery and machinery used to excavate ore and oil.The products sell well both in China and abroad. North Benz Heavy Duty Track Company,founded by introducing German Benz technology to No.1 Machinery Plant of Inner Mongolia,has the capacity of producing 6,OOO heavy-duty trucks of 8-20 tons annually and has become one of the three largest heavy-duty automobiles producers in China.The N0.2 Machinery Plant of Inner Mongolia now produces 300 Terex self-loading heavy-duty trucks of 35-120 tons annually, after making cooperation with British and American companies.

Chemical Industry
There are 30 chemical industry enterprises in Baotou which mainly produce sulphuric acid,calcium carbonide,fertilizer,different forms of chloride and so on.The Baotou Huanghe Chemical Company Limited is the largest enterprise to export calcium carbonize and one of the largest enterprises to produce synthetic phenol in China. Many of its products have found a ready market both at home and abroad.

Electric Power

Baotou and its surrounding area are rich in coal resources .The coal reserves here account for a quarter of the nation's total. The total installed capacity of the city's three thermal power plants reach 900,000 KW.The largest thermal power plant in Asia,the Dalate Electric Power Plant has an installed capacity of 5 million KW.It provides sufficient electricity for the economic development of Baotou.


The electronic industry is now an important industry in Baotou, newly rising in the last 10 years. Among the main enterprises there are the Huazi Computer Company, the Baotou Electronic Equipment Plant, the DeLi Electronic Company and the Chenlu Electronic's Company. They produce electronic products, such as quartz crystal resonators, single-chip wave filters, and electrical resistances, which have been exported to America, Korea, HongKong and Taiwan.

The textile industry is another supporting industry in Baotou.It includes cotton, wool and linen spinning, and the knitting, printing and dyeing of textiles. The main textiles enterprises are the Baotou Jiujiu Group Ltd., Inner Mongolian King Deer Cashmere Corporation, and Baotou Sumengte Linen Textile Corporation Ltd. The well-known Inner Mongolion King Deer Corporarion, has a total capital of 1.6 billion yuan and produces knitted textiles, woven textiles and clothing in over 60 varieties and more than 1000 specifications. Some of the products have won dozens of national and international prizes. The export quantity takes up a quarter of China's total cashmere export and the sales take up 32.5% of the domestic market .

leather processing and leather manufacturing are traditional industries of Baotou. Since 1995, with the introduction of internationally advanced techniques and equipment and various reforms and improvements, great changes have taken place in the whole leather industry. The Dongbao Industry and Commerce Group Company deals with 6 product series of leather skirts, genuine leather handbags and leather ties, which sell well in Europe and America. King Deer Leather Group Company has an annual processing capacity of 400,000 oxhides and one million sheepskins with high proficiency. It also produces one million pairs of high -grade leather shoes and 300,000 items of leather clothing a year .

Baotou Tourism:
Baotou has rich culture and abundant tourist resources . It is an ideal destination for sightseeing and spending summer holidays.
¡¡Wudang Lamasery,built in 1749,is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Inner Mongolia .Wudang Lamasery is surrounded by mountains and it has been designated as a national tourist resort by the National Tourist Bureau of China.
¡¡Mei dai Lamasery,built in 1606,was the official residence of a former Mongolian leader named Andahan of the Ming Dynasty.The total area of the temple is 40,OOOm2
¡¡The Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty was built in 214 BC. A section of the wall stretches one hundred kilometers in the territory of Baotou,and the wall in Guyang County, 10meters high,present a magnificent sight .
¡¡The Great wall of the State off Zhao,situated in Shiguai district,is the oldest part of the Great Wall existing today.
¡¡Xilamuren Grassland Resort is listed as a national tourist resort by the National Tourist Bureau of China.
¡¡Nan Hai Park is 1.5 kilometers south of Donghe district.It consists of a lake and grasslands,formed after the course of the Yellow River moved southward.Nanhai park has a total area of 2,OOO hectares,of which 480 hectares is water.
¡¡Mount Jiufeng is located 10km north of the Salaqi district,Tumuote You.Its highest peak rises to 2,337.8 meters above sea level.The mountain features jagged rocks of unique shapes and waterfalls,and is home to a variety of wildlife.It is a beautiful natural scenic area rare seen in the rest of Northwest Plateau in China .
¡¡Zhao Jun Island lies in Quanbatu County.It has several beautiful natural water courses and natural grasslands of 8 square kilometers,and is home to many birds;Zhaojun Island is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature at its best.
¡¡The Ancient Town of the Han?Dynasty is located to the northwest of Machi village,covering an area of 900,000 square meters.Many ancient relics have been discovered here.
¡¡The Ancient Town of Aolasumn, located 30 kilometers north of Bailinmiao Town,is the remains of a capital of a Mongolian tribe of the Yuan Dynasty,covering an area of 556,800 square meters.It was cited as a "National Cultural Relics Under Key Protection "in November l996.
¡¡The Singing Sands Desert.If you travel to the south of Baotou, yod'll discover a wonderful resounding desert at the edge of kubuqi Desert.In the sunny days in summer ,if you slide down the slope,you will hear the sand make a noise like monks praying or a plane flying by.
¡¡Genghis Khan Mausoleum is located in YiJinhuoluo district,and a Yuan-Dynasty Cultural Village neighbors the mausoleum.High officials,businessmen and scholars from home and abroad never miss the chance of visiting it to show their respects to Genghis Khan and to experience the culture of the Yuan Dynasty.

Baotou Attractive points:
Baotou has attached great importace in attracting foreign capitals and investment and making international cooperation .The following investment projects have been encouraged:
I. To fill in the gaps in the fields that Baotou , the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, or the country has never touched before.

II. To reform the traditional industries and old enterprises through establishing joint ventures or cooperation .

III. To improve the circulation of raw materials, energy etc .and to deliver it to where is most needed .

IV. To form high-tech industrial enterprises and rare earth application units to cater to the demands on the domestic and international markets.

V. To develop and utilize resources.

VI. To improve the infrastructure of the urban area, rebuild old buildings and protect the environment.

VII. To update the technology in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery .

VIII. To instigate other projects for ecomomic and social development and improve the quality of life .

Emphasis for the introduction of capital and investment will be put on the aspects as follows:

I For high-tech enterprises, we will encourage the application of rare-earth materials, electronic information, mechanical and electronic systems and high-efficiency energy-saving technology, especially the Nd, Fe, P magnetic electrical machinery, the Ni and H power battery and tail gas purification equipment.

II On the subject of transforming old technology ,Baotou has more than 200 state-owned in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemicals, textiles. and food, and foreign businessmen are welcome to transform these ventures through making investment .

III On the subject of infrastructures construction, Baotou encourages investment in the renovation of old buildings and streets, the construction of public squares, the protection of the environment and the water and heat-supply project.

TV For the development of tertiary industry, Baotou welcomes investment in establishing chain stores, wholesale markets, recreational grounds and golf courses.
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