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China Huangshi City:

Resident People:
By the end of 1998, the population of Huangshi has totaled 2.4701 million, among which urban population 0.642 million, population of Daye 0.8675 million, population of Yangxin 0.9505 million. Of the total population, agricultural population totaled 1.606 million, non-agricultural population 0.8641 million.

General Information:
Huangshi (or Hwangshih) is a new industrial center, built after 1950, with a giant iron and steel complex supplied with iron from the mines at Daye and with coking coal from Pingxiang.

Huangshi is located in the southeast of Hubei Province, on the south bank of the middle reach of the Yangtze River. Its northeast is Yangtze River, facing counties of Xishui, Qichun, Wuxue across the river: its north is lined with E'zhou; its southwest bordered with Xianning and Tongshan; its southeast bordered with counties of Wuling.

There are various kinds of animals: 150 fishes including more than 50 economic ones; more than 10 kinds of domestic fowls; 40-odd domestic birds, 20-odd beasts.
Every peaks in the area are worn with plants including eucalyptus and oil olive living in tropic and subtropic zone; with oil tea, cypress, walnut and hawthorn living in medium-Asia torrid, northern Asia and warm temperate zone; with coniferous forest living in medium temperate zone; with mosses living in the glacial zone; with tea indicating the acid soil; with copper flower indicating copper ores; and with reed and calamus indicating wet land.

Huangshi Economy:
Huangshi Economic & Technological Development Zone is a key provincial level development zone with 30 kilometers square and is located in the central part of Huangshi, an open municipality along the Yangtze River. Through several years' development and construction, it has become an important base in Huangshi.
Hubei is an important base of heavy industry in the country. By now it has developed a comparatively complete industrial system with automobile, iron and steel, mechanical and electrical equipments, textile, chemical industry and building materials as its pillar.
The Hi-technology in Hubei develops rapidly, China Optics Valley, as the representative, has reached the top level of the world in the optics communication, laser, advanced productive technology field, etc.

Huangshi is one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture and the earliest-developed area in the Yangtze River, created as famous the Yangtze Culture as the Yellow River Culture and made it the original place of Chinese Bronze Culture. In the Yin Dynasty, copper-mining appeared in the area. Tonglushan Ancient Copper mining and Smelting Relics was ever found in 1973 with the largest scale, the earliest smelting age, the highest smelting skills and the richest significance.
In the Xia and Shang Dynasty, it belonged to Jinzhou. After 887 BC, it belonged to the Kingdom, Chu. In the Qing Dynasty, it was a part of Jiangxia Shire. In 201 BC, it is founded as Jiangxia County after its dividing from South Shire. In the Period of Three Kingdoms, Wu moved capital to county of E and renamed it Wuchang. In 221 BC, Wu replaced the name of Xiazhi County with Yangxin County with the area within the counties of Yangxin and Wuchang. In 905, governor of Wuchang in Wu Kingdom established QingshanYard in Yongxin County. In 967, the ruler of the Southern Tang Dynasty changed Qingshan Yard into Daye County with the combination of other three towns of Wuchang County.

Railway and highway run across the whole territory of the province. As a result Hubei is a place of strategic importance which connects the north with the south and the west with the east.
In the area, every town has roads to the other parts of the country. Shanghai-Chengdu Highway crosses the city in the north, westward linking with Chongqing and Chengdu, eastward with Nanjing and Shanghai; Wuchang-Huangshi-Jiujian Railway links eastward with Hangzhou-Nanchang Railway, westward with Beijing-Guangzhou Railway; with Yangtze River water way is convenient for outward oceangoing.

Huangshi Tourism:
Huangshi is rich in tourism resources. The scenic spots with exploitable potential amount to more than 100 sites. Representative tourism sites include ¡°8 scenes¡± and ¡°3 mounts¡±.
Yangtze River Valley keeps Jinchu Culture in its heart . A lot of rivers and lakes distributed in the area is formed into fantastic scenery. The Yangtze Three Gorges, the East Lake Park in Wuhan, Wudang Mountain, Xiangfan ancient Longzhong, Jiugong Mountain are the places of interest of national class. Shennongjia is the forest park of national class. Baiqitun (dolphin) nature preserve areas of Shennongjia, the new Luo duan of the Yangtze River and the ancient course of Tian'e zhou are dolphin natural preserve areas of national class. Shengnongjia, Wudang Mountain are listed respectively in program for protected circle of human and nature and ¡°The contents of world culture and natural heritage¡± by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). The Yangtse Three Gorges, Yellow Crane Tower, Ge Zhouba Dam are honoured as the tourist resorts among the 40 best tourist attractions in China. Especially the world-wide-known Yangtze Three Gorges runs across two provinces of Hubei and Sichuan for 201 kilometers, in which, Hubei covers an area of 140 kilometers, and it is honored as ¡°The Gallery of Landscape¡± and ¡°Golden water way¡±.

Huangshi Attractive points:
Ci Lake
Ci Lake is inlaid in the center of Huangshi Municipality, and covers an area of 10 square kilometer, and is the largest within-city lake in China. It is said that Su Shi and his brother Su Zhe, great scholars in the Song Dynasty.
Thousand-Isle Lake Wangying Reservoir
Thousand-Isle Lake Wangying Reservoir is located 60 kilometers far away from the Nine- Palace Mountain tourism resort. There're 1002 isles, each showing off its peculiar prettiness and charming delicacy. Tao Yuanmin, a famous poet in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. roamed the Secluded Peach Blossom Garden.
Tonglushan Ancient Copper Mining and Smelting Relics
Tonglushan Ancient Copper Mining and Smelting Relics are situated by the Daye Lake in the southwest of Huangshi Municipality. Some Hong Kong media commented that it is another miracle following the discovery of the Terra-cotta Warriors, and can be compared with the Great Wall and the Egyptian Pyramids.
Tomb of Guanyu
Tomb of Guanyu is located northwest 3 kilometers from Dangyang City proper, where the General of Chu State Guanyu was buried. In Guanyu tomb , there remain Archway, Red Gate, Horse Hall, Worshipping Hall, Main Palace, Palace of Repose and Rest, Qisheng Palace, Spring and Autumn Pavilion, Bozi Memorial Temple, Bell and Drum Tower, Eight Angle Pavilion.
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