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Lianyungang Travel China, Lianyungang Tour Guide

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China Lianyungang City:

Resident People:
4.65 million (urban population: 700,000)

General Information:
Adjacent to the Yellow Sea in northern Jiangsu, Lianyungang is an important coastal city open to the outside world in China's east coast.

Lianyungang is located on the shore of the Huang Hai (Yellow Sea) in northeast Jiangsu province.

Located in the southern part of temperate zone with ocean monsoon climate; 4 distinct seasons with the average sun-light of 2,568 hours annually, frost-free period of 220 days.

Many restaurants offer top?quality sea food.

Lianyungang Economy:
Lianyungang is an important pearl culture base, as well as a production base for grain, oil-bearing crops and cotton. Haizhouwan Bay in Lianyungang is one of the six biggest fisheries in China. Huaibei Saltern is one of four salterns in China. Lianyungang is known as the hometown of crystal and laver. Both the deposit and yield of crystal in Lianyungang make up over 50% of the nation's total respectively. Besides, they are of the best quality in China. The cultivating, processing and export volumes of laver in Lianyungang all account for 2/3 of the nation's total. By making use of its rich agricultural resources, Lianyungang is restructuring its traditional agriculture which is heading towards industrialization and internationalization. At present, over 100 varieties of agricultural products, and processed products such as quick-frozen food, fruit, meat, feed and wicker products are quite competitive in the international market. The export volumes of vegetables and feed rank first in China, while that of prawn, chicken and mink rank first in Jiangsu. A lot of key enterprises are emerging such as Ruyi Group Corporation, Haiyuan Company and Yuhe Company, which have self-operating export rights and explore international markets.
The economy of Lianyungang has been developing very quickly since the introduction of the reform and opening-up policy in 1978. Its GNP and foreign trade are increasing at an annual rate of 20% and 35% respectively. An industrial system with food, chemicals, salt manufacturing, textiles, garments, machinery, electronics, building materials and pharmaceutical industries as the mainstay has taken shape. The tertiary industry is growing at a rate of over 25%. The total volume of its export-oriented economy accounts for 30% of its national economy with over 30 categories, and 600 varieties of export commodities. Japan, the Republic of Korea, the U.S.A., the Philippines, Germany, the U.K., Italy, Australia, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan have increased their investment in Lianyungang. The city now has over 1,700 companies with foreign investment. More than 20 multinational companies, such as Suntory and Itochushuzi in Japan, Sain-Goban in France, C.P. Group in Thailand and LG in the Republic of Korea, have invested in Lianyungang. The Singapore Industrial Park and the Philippines Industrial Park built in Lianyungang Economic & Technological Development Zone, one of the first national development zones, have taken initial shape.

Both Japan and the Republic of Korea in the east can be reached economically and conveniently from Liangyungang, which is also part of the world-wide network of sea transport.
Lianyungang is to be developed into an international seaport linking countries on the Pacific rim with those in central Asia.
The New Eurasia Continental Landbridge, open to traffic in 1992, runs unblocked from Lianyungang in the east to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

Lianyungang Tourism:
The city has a fine seaside resort, the only one in Jiangsu Province. There are Huaguo Mountain, a port, the Sucheng Scenic Area, the Donglei Scenic Area, inscriptions on cliffs in Kongwang Mountain, and other scenic spots.

Lianyungang Culture:
Lianyungang has five institutions of higher learning including Huaihai Engineering college with majors in Chinese, law, foreign economies, foreign trade, applied math, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, food engineering, corporate management, computer, education and public relations. There are also 20 famous scientific research institutes in the city, such as the Jiangsu Automation Research Institute, Chemical & Mining Research Institute, and Jiangsu Oceanic Research Institute.

Lianyungang Attractive points:
Summer Resort
With beautiful mountain and sea scenery, abundant historical sites and a pleasant climate, Lianyungang is one of the country's 49 key tourist cities, and one of the three biggest nature reserves in Jiangsu. The coastal scenery is very special, with mountains side by side with the sea, making the city an ideal summer resort. Huaguo Mountain, from where the Monkey King comes, and different kinds of flowers and fruit grow all year round, is located in Liangyungang. The road on top of Huaguo Mountain leads to Yuwan, where there is a succession of water falls over the cliffs (the highest over 40 meters). There are also the quiet Suchen Town; the strange sea of rocks in Donglei; the refreshing Donghai hot springs; the ancient Haizhou City which cost RMB 200 million in its reconstruction; the primitive totem cave murals 5000 years old; also the country's earliest Buddhist images 200 years older than the Dunhuang murals; and the site from where Xu Fu started his trip east to Japan in the Qin Dynasty. In short, Lianyungang features a variety of attractions: seaside and hotsprings, ancient and mythological sites, strange geological formations and oases of tranquility.
Huaguo Mountain
Rising 625 meters above sea level in the Yuntain Mountains of Lianyungang, Huaguo Mountain has secluded, deep caves, flowers, and fruit. The novel of Journey to the West sets the mountain as its backdrop. There are many scenic spots that are closely related to the novel. Pagodas and temples were erected there during the Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties. These Include the Sanyuan Palace, Asoka Pagoda in the Haiqing Temple, and 12 stone carvings of the Tang, Song, and other feudal dynasties in the Yulin Temple.
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