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China Qionghai City:

General Information:
On the vast south coast of China and the east coast of Hainan lsland with delicious coconut tastes, there is a beautiful and magic place called Qionghai city, young and full of charm, a Chinese excellent tourist city. This fertile land has a long history, many distinguished people, prosperous culture, honest folkway and rich resources. This is a famous town of overseas Chinese, where there is the beautiful & rich Wanquan River and the well-known brilliant history of the Red Women Army. It is a window of opening to the outside and a platform for dialogue among Asians. The Boao Forum for Asia taking place here attracts worldwide attention. Qionghai is called the bright pearl on the east coast of Hainan Island.
¡¡¡¡ Qionghai has good infrastructures and developed traffic and communications and, from which to Haikou is 86 km through the expressway circulating the island. There are four passageways in the city. By using program-controlled telephones and mobile telephones, more than 200 countries and regions around the country and the world can be contacted. Composed of Jiaji, Boao and Guantang, the great Qionghai has become the third largest cities in Hainan during the growth of urbanization in the early 21st century. Numbers of merchants from home and abroad are attracted to invest, visit, lie fallow and make holidays here by prominent investment environment, rustic local conditions & customs, unique resource potential and good social order. Qionghai is permeated with a new & dynamic atmosphere, where spring tide is emerging, human spirits are high and there are excellent brands and more businessmen.
¡¡¡¡ As a large tourist city, Qionghai holds rare and abundant tourist resources. The beautiful Wanquan River runs down from the Mount Wuzhi like a flashing jade belt, demonstrating the ecological beauty by its mysterious tropical rain forest features. From the sluggish headstream to the surging sea entrance, along the one hundred of riversides, tourist areas grow up successively and colorful tourist programs are presented. The thousands of travelers from home and abroad are attracted by some famous tourist brands such as Wanquan River Drifting, Wanquan Lake Holiday Area, Baishiling Beauty Spot, Coco Village Scenery, Guantang Hotspring Holiday Area, Wanquan River Tourist Area, Memorial Park of the Red women Army and Boao Aquapolis, Especially, the scenes at the entrance of Wanquan River into the sea show magnificent scenery to people from the world. Nearly perfectly protected, the river entrance is praised by foreign experts as the most consummate virgin land ever preserved among the natural sights of river entrances to seas in the world. The Jade Belt Beach separating the river from the sea has been listed in the Guinness world record. Boao has been designated as the permanent place for holding Boao Forum for Asia, and Boao is preparing a fairy tale well known in the world. Formal President Jiang Zemin participated the initial ceremony of Boao Forum. Formal Premier of State Council Zhu Rongji participated the 2002 Annual Forum. Premier of State Council Wen Jiabao participated the Forum in 2003 and the President of state Hu Jingtao participated the Forum in 2004. President Jiang Zemin wrote a poem when coming to Boao of Qionghai for the second time. Wanquan has a new scene, with wide water and pure evening wind; wise people gather here due to the attractive Boao. The beautiful natures sceneries and generous human sights make Qionghai have fascinating tourist resources and much better.
¡¡¡¡ By the purpose brought forward by the Party Committee and the Government of Hainan province, we should do in the endeavor of build the Hainan into famous travel industrial site within 10 to 15 years. In order to accomplish this purpose, we should seize the opportunity, develop the domino effect of Boao Forum, and reveal the potential travel resource of mountains, rivers, lakes, sea and springs, optimize the travel environment, strengthen the travel function, created the excellent brand quality, to build Qionghai into famous international travel city within 8 to 10 years to exhibit a beautiful and charming picture of new Qionghai for tourist at home and abroad.

Qionghai Tourism:
Wanquan Lake Tour Area lies in Niululinku area of the upstream of Wanquan River. The lake surface is broad, the islands plenty, the strange stone rugged. Here the original tropic rain forest is dense, birds plenty, flowers fragrant, hills green, water clear. The minority Li and Miao live here for a long long time. The smoke from kitchen chimney wreathes. It is abundant in Wanquan cards, eels, aristichthysnobilis and so on. There are 40 middle and top grade guest rooms; more than 100 beds;4 big, middle, small boardrooms; dining-room; dancing hall and health club in the tour area. There are also Shipian channel Guaishi Qun, Ruquan Valley Waterfall, Xianren Xia, Baidao Qun, Shili Canyon, Erlong Pond, Tian Pond and so on. The water in the lake is charming for the strange ridges and peaks, the mountains outstanding for the clear water and the blue sky. All of them like a splendid landscape picture.
¡¡¡¡The scenery in Wanquan Lake Tour Area is charming, the air fresh, the climate comfortable. It is a natural oxygen bar. Here is the famous scenic spot for the old to be on holiday, for the middle age and the young to sightsee and explore, for students to have a picnic and explore.

Qionghai Attractive points:
The Bright Pearl of the Eastern Coast

Situated at the lower reaches of Wanquan River in the east of Hainan Island, Qionghai City has a total area of 1,692 square kilometers and a population of 42,640. Qionghai City borders on the South-China Sea in the east and adjoins Wenchang City in the north, Wanning City in the south and Tunchang County and Qiongzhong County in the west.

Qionghai City boasts picturesque scenery and pleasant weather and so it is called the ¡±Bright Pearl of the Eastern Coast¡±.

There exists in the city some famous scenic spots and historical sites like Wanquan River, Baishi Ridge, Guantang Hot Spring, Jinniu Ridge, Shenggong Rock, Red Stone Cliff, Jukui Pagoda, Statue of the Red Detachment of Women and the Nature Reservation Zone for Red Algae (Gracilaria Verrucosa).

Its local specialities include Jiaji Ducks - one of the famous Hainan dishes - Wanquan river carps and large bamboo hats.
As both the Eastern Expressway and Wanquan River run through the city, Qionghai enjoys very convenient transport on land as well as by water.
It takes about one hour by car from Haikou to Jiaji Town, where the Local Government is located, and from Jiaji to Sanya less than two hours.

Boao is the location for the annual Forum for Asia, an annual meeting of the major leaders of Asia. The Forum, which was born out of a desire to hold a yearly meeting of the preeminent leaders, businessmen and scholars of Asia, was initiated by former President Fidel Ramos of the Philippines and former Prime Minister Bob Hawke of Australia. The first preparatory meeting was in November 2000, followed closely by the establishment of the "Boao Forum for Asia" in February 2001. Support for this forum was evident from both the private and public sectors with permanent host facilities in Boao on Hainan Island.

The Forum brings together Asians from around the region to develop a better understanding and mutual awareness of issues that affect the region; leading to greater projection of Asian perspectives on the global arena. It will also assist in efforts to promote greater interdependence and economic integration of the region.

The BFA is unique in having a pan-Asian outlook. This is the first organization designed to bring together governments, business communities and academics from across Asia: from Iran and Central Asia to South Asia, Southeast and East Asia and Australia.

Additionaly, the BFA is a distinctly Asian institution, with an agenda to deliberate matters based on Asian perspectives, as seen through Asian eyes and heard from Asian voices. The BFA will project this perspective.

Sights in Qionghai
Wanquan River
With the Wuzhi Mountains as its source, Wanquan River has a total length of 163 kilometers and is one of the 3 longest river in Hainan. Along the banks of its upper stream are undulating hills and booming trees. In mid 1970s, a large dam was built
and thus made the upper stream into a huge lake. Now the upper stream area is a scenic spot with wonderful landscapes of mountains and waters. The middle and lower stream is wide and its flow is mild. The water is so clear that even cobblestones at the bottom can be seen and counted.

Statue of the Red Detachment of Women
Made in granite, the 6.8 m high statue of the Red Detachment of Woman stands in the street garden of Jiaji Town, Qionghai City. It resembles a woman soldier wearing red army uniform,
with a bamboo hat at her back, a rifle on her shulder,grass shoes on her feet and bandage tied around the lower legs, and looks very vigorous and impressive. The Red Detachment of Women is the first army force of women in the Chinese revolutionary hisory. During the war, they coordinated with the main force, fought bravely and made immortal contribution to the revolution of Hainan. They are regarded as the banner of women's liberation movement and the honor of Hainan People.

Guantang Hot Spring Resort
It is about 8 km to the southwest of Jiaji Town, Qionghai City. The hot spring in this area is known to be the only hot mineral spring found in Hainan. The daily flow of mineral water at a temperature of 70-90 Celcius Degree reaches 10,000 tons.
At present, four luxury hotels have been set up there, providing perfect leisure-making facilities and quality tourist services.

Baishi Ridge Scenic Zone
Located by the Wanquan River, the Baishi ridge Scenic Zone is 12 kilometers to the southwest of Qionghai City. This scenic zone is charming and attractive because of the marvelous local hills, magnificent rocks and fascinating caves.
On top of Baishi ridge (White-Stone-Hill) is a gigantic egg-shape rock in white color. Half of the rock is sandwiched by two other rocks while the other half is hanging in the air. Beside the gigantic rock, there is a cave called Wind-Screening Hole. The cave will whistle from time to time when a strong wind blows through it. Here, some 1000 steps from the foot of the Baishi Hill, is one of the famous Eight Scenes of Hainan.

Boao Scenic Zone
Boao at the outlet of the Wanquan River to the sea is also the confluence of the Longgun River and the Jiuqu River. Time and tide have created here some magnificent sandbanks and islets. This area is so far the
best-preserved river exit to the sea in the world. The water, the beaches, the green forests on the seashore, the coconut palms swaying at sea breezes and the cooking smoke in nearby villages all contribute to making Boao a natural miracle.
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