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Qufu Travel China, Qufu Tour Guide

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China Qufu City:

Resident People:
Population: 620,000

General Information:
Qufu is located in the southwest of Shandong Province,It covers an area of 896 sq km.And it has a population of 630,000.Qufu is the hometown of the great thinker,statesman and educator. It is listed in the first group of 24 national famous cities of historical and cultural relics designated by the State Council.¡¡¡¡

¡¡¡¡Qufu is also the hometown of Shen Nong(God of agriculture).Huang Di,Shao Hao and Mencius,and has been the site for ancient states and capitals like the Shang dynasty,the Yin state,the Lu state,etc.In the city,there are now over 300 historic relics under protection, among which six sites are of national level, eleven are of provincial level.The Confucian Temple,the Confucian Mansion and the Confucian Cemetery were ranked as one of the world cultural heritages.¡¡¡¡

¡¡¡¡Qufu enjoys a convenient transportation. There is a network of railways and highway in it.Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Beijing-Fujian Expressway run north and south of Qufu and Xinxiang-Shijiusuo Railway and Rizhao-Dongming Expresswaypenetrate Qufu east and west.And it is also the intersection of No.104 National Road and No.327 National Road. Qufu is rich in natural resources.Water is plentifuland highquality.Mineral¡¡deposits¡¡are¡¡mainly¡¡coal¡¡,¡¡limestone,marble,granite,phosphorous and so on..The coal mining in Qufu is part of the Yanzhou Coalfield,which is one of the eight biggest coalfield in China.And its annual yield is 800 thousand tons.¡¡¡¡

¡¡¡¡Qufu has favorable investment policies.Qufu economic development zone is of provincial level. In it there are high-tech industrial park,a private-owned enterprise park ,a tourism industrial park and an international trade park,etc.ang it is well equipped with water,gas and electricity.To serve domestic and foreign investors well,the Municipal Administration set up an investment service center,with its aim of providing all-around,high-quality services.¡¡¡¡

¡¡¡¡Qufu`s economy is prosperous,It has a solid base of agriculture.It is the base of national commodity grain and agriculture..Industry runs smoothly and its main industries¡¡include¡¡food¡¡processing,textile,construction¡¡materials,chemistry,coal mianing,pharmacy,paper making and mechanical and electrical machinery and so on.Education in Qufu is advanced with 209schools of different levels.Among them is Qufu Teacher`s University,which ranks as one of Shandong`s key universities.¡¡¡¡

¡¡¡¡Qufu is an old city while it is young with the ages. Its hard-working and hospitable people are striving to build it into a world ¨Cfamous historical and cultural city!

Qufu,the birthplace of confucius,the great Stateman and educator in China`s ancient times,is well known as the source of oriental culture and the castle of confucanism, it has over whelming magnitude ancient buildings, many expensive culture objects and historical monuments.superb¡¡crafts¡¡manship¡¡excels¡¡curture`s¡¡industrial¡¡art`s,beautiful¡¡natrualandscapes,abundant¡¡source,¡¡And¡¡,Yellow,Shaohao,ShenNong emperors had ever ploughed in Qufu at he period of ¡±Three emperors and five sovereigns¡±,five thousand years ago.It is known as famous city of history and culture in China.¡¡¡¡

¡¡¡¡Qufu is located in south of Shandong province ,connects Rizhao port at east, Yanzhou city the town of coal field on its west,the power city-Zhou cheng on its south. The north is Mount Tai,the thumbs of the five high mountains. It is known as the ¡±Golden Delta¡± in south of Shandong province.Authorized by province,it governs six towns,four townships and two subdistric offices as follows:Yaochun, Wuchun, Xiaoxue,Lingcheng, Nanxin and Shizhuang town;Fangshan, ¡¡¡¡Wangzhuang,Dongzhuiang,Xizhou township;Lucheng and Shuyuan subdistric office.It covers 900 thousand hectares and has more than 600 thousand persons.Qufu has a continiental monsoon type of climate.Its seasonal change is striking with annual precipitation on average is 666.6 mm and annual frostless period is 210 days.

a history of more than 5000 years; the center of the Oriental Culture since the ancient times; used to be the onetime capital of Shengnong where Huangdi lived; in the Shang and Yin dynasty, the capital of Lu State; during the Spring and Autumn Period as well as the Warring States, the birth place of Mencius; and also used to be an educational center at that time

Qufu Tourism:
Qufu, as the source of oriental culture, is a famous city in culture anf tourism. It has over 200 monuments.Over 100 thousand foreign guests and 7000 thousand domestic guests tour Qufu every year.

¡¡¡¡Taihao,Shaohao and Yellow emperor had leaved footprints in Qufu.Confucius and Menfucius were born in Qufu.The Temple of Confucius ,the Kong Family Mansion and the Forest of Confucius have been listed as the world cultural and natural legacy by nation.

¡¡¡¡The Temple of Confucius and the Family Mansion is one of the three China`s ancient building groups,the Forest of Confucius is the biggest artifical landscape garden in China,shimen mountain has been builden as the national forest park.

¡¡¡¡There are many historic monuments like Yan temple,Zhougong temple,Shaohao emperor toumb;Zhushi academy;Nine dragons mountain,Mencius mother`s Forest.Its latest building as :steles of the Analects of Confucius,confuciaism Acddency.Six Arts city,cream Acadamy of Confucius and so on.

¡¡¡¡So it became the best sites and attracts all people.The International Confucius Cultural Festival is one of China`s ten touriam festivals assigned by national administrtion bureau.
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