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Shunde News
China Shunde City:

General Information:
Shunde district, Foshan city locates in the middle of Pearl River Delta, is close to Guangzhou and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and its area is about 806 square kilometers. The county was established here in the third year of Jingtai, Ming Dynasty (1452). In Mar. 1992, the history of the county governing was ended up in Shunde and then the city was established. In Jan. 2003, according to the united arrangement of the provincial Party Committee and provincial government of Guangdong, the city was cancelled and the district was set up. Currently, the whole district has 10 towns (street offices), 109 administrative villages and 88 residential areas, and its registered population sums up to 1,121,900, with floating population of 669,500 as well as more than 400,000 overseas Chinese and the people residing in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Most of its area is the alluvial plain formed by rivers and it possesses crossed rivers, fertile soil, moderate climate, and sufficient rain and its four seasons are warm like springtime.

Since the implementation of reform and opening, Shunde people have made full use of their advantages on policy, geographic position and humanity, have created the new era of economic and social development, and have gradually made it develop from a traditional agricultural county into a rising industrial city.

In Jul. 1999, Shunde was appointed by the provincial Party committee and provincial government of Guangdong as pilot city for taking the lead to basically realize modernization in 2005. In 2003, the whole district has achieved gross domestic product of 50.902 billion RMB (calculated on current price, the same below), and total industrial and agricultural production of 128.884 billion RMB, and total financial income of 7.937 billion RMB, among which local financial income accounts for 3.498 billion RMB, and workers' average salary of 16,513 RMB, peasants' average net income of 5,768 RMB as well as resident savings surplus in town and countryside of 64.155 billion RMB.

Shunde Economy:
Shunde locates in the hinterland of Pearl River Delta, is close to Guangzhou, Shengzhen and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, it's total area is 806 square kilometers, and its registered population is up to 1,095,000 with floating population of 700,000 as well as more than 400,000 overseas Chinese and the people residing in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Most of its area is the alluvial plain formed by rivers, it's the subtropical monsoon climate, moderate climate, 21.9 degrees of annual average temperature, and its annual rainfall is 1626.8 mm.

With the situation that the process of global economy integration is quickening, international float of capital, technology, management and professionals is more and more frequent. Shunde catches the new opportunity that China's joined in the WTO actively, relying on the advantage of taking the lead in developing, having quickened the development of export-oriented economy. In 2003, the agreement on utilizing 362 million US dollars foreign capitals, utilized 355 million US dollars actually; there are 11 World 500 top enterprises which have made an investment and have already set up their factories in Shunde; Foreign trade is developed powerfully, the total volume of imports and exports was 8,457 million dollars in the year, including US $5.349 billion of total volume of export trade and US $3.107 billion import trade; By now, there are more than 1300 foreign investment enterprises, including Whirlpool Corporation, AMP, Japanese Toshiba, Sanyo, Panasonic, Nissin, Otsuka, Yuasa, Paloma, Canada Nortel, Philippine San Miguel etc. more than 40 international famous corporations or trans-corporations in Shunde. Shunde is becoming the first place that the foreign capitals enter into South China progressively.

Since it has carried out reform and opening-up for more than 20 years, Shunde's economic strength has already achieved the first place among the cities at the same level in the whole country. Supported by hi-tech, Shunde has set up a considerable scale modern industrial system with light industries such as household appliances, machinery & equipment, electronic communications, print & packaging, building materials & furniture, textile & clothing, fine chemical, medicines and health protection. A number of larger scale enterprises with higher modern techniques and management level have appeared. Shunde has six major name brand products including "Midea" air-conditioner, "Kelon" air-conditioner, "Rongsheng" refrigerator, "Glanz" microwave oven, " Macro" gas heater and water heater and "vanward" gas heater, and it has 26 Guangdong Provincial famous trademarks at the same time.

Under the drive of numerous famous big enterprises, large quantities of small and medium-sized enterprises are growing up strongly, and they have offered rational complete network and support for the development of big enterprises. It has formed a huge industrial chain each other to set up the supporting capability for the rich industry of "Made in Shunde" together.

Li Zichang(A. D.1436-1526), another name is Kongxiu. He's a native in Daliang Shunde. He was a famous painter in Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces in middle period of Ming Dynasty. He was good at drawing birds and domestic animals, worms and fish, birds and flowers. He partnered with Chen Baisha who was in Xinhui, at that time they were praised as "Best Calligraphy and Painting, Celestial Beings Mr. Chen and Mr. Li Each Respectively ".
Zhao Xianming, his anther name is Danshan, a native in Longjiang. He's an old pupil of Chen Baisha. A successful candidate in Hongzhi, Ming Dynasty, he's an officer in south door ministry and the chief of Qujing Fu, Yunnan. He¡¯s good at calligraphy and his works was praised as " superb work ". Redpoll Hole Volume" was one of his works.
Liang Yuanzhu (A.D. 1581-1628), with another name of Zhongyu or Senlang, he's a native in Lunjiao. He passed the highest imperial examinations in the second year of Tianqi, Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1622), was a supervision choush and then as another official post in Yunnan. He was good at calligraphy and drawing mountains and water, characters, pines and bamboos.
Peng Ruiguan, a native in Longjiang. He's a famous expert of calligraphy and painting in Guandong and Guangxi provinces, his cursive regarded Huaisu's style as main body and Liu Gongqua's style as backbone, its break and roll is forceful and vigorous, and he was also good at drawing orchid, bamboo, tree and stone, drawing with calligraphy, it's called "Zhuben Style" at that time. He kept his identity hidden in all his life, seldom be known for more than 300 years. His Artistic achievements gradually were paid close attention to at home and abroad, and someone thought it is better than Zhang Ruitu¡¯s and Fushan's in recent years.
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