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China Wenzhou City:

General Information:
Wenzhou ("Warm Prefecture") it is the economic, political and communication center in the south of Zhejiang Province.

Wenzhou lies in the middle of China's coastline. Bordering on the East China Sea and standing by the O'jiang River; it has a coastline of 355 kilometers from the north to the south.

With annual average temperature of about 18and rainfall of 1800mm, frost-free period lasts 280 days for a whole year.

The Nanxijing Scenic Area just to the west of Wenzhou is described as a place of beautiful forests, waterfalls and ancient villages. A famous poem written about this area by Xie Lingyun is called "Clouds Lingering over Misty Forest, Meandering River Running into the Sunset".

Wenzhou Economy:
Having passed its transformation from handicraft industry to the current modernized industry, Wenzhou has now constructed a complete industrial structure in machinery, chemicals, light textiles, medicine, food, paper-making, leather-making, plastics, arts and crafts, ceramics, building materials house hove electrical appliances, low-voltage electrical appliances, metallurgy, ship-building and electric power. It has opened in the city several markets specialized in selling low-voltage electrical appliances, fashion clothing and shoes.

Wenzhou, also known as Yongjia (or Yung-chia) has a history which goes back to about 2000 BC, when it became known for its pottery production. In the 2nd century BC it was called the Kingdom of Dong'ou. Under the Tang Dynasty, it was promoted to prefecture status and given its current name in 675 AD.
Throughout its history, Wenzhou's traditional economic role has been as a port giving access to the mountainous interior of southern Zhejiang Province. In 1876 Wenzhou was opened to the foreign tea trade, but no foreign settlement was ever made there. In 1937-1942 during the war with Japan, Wenzhou became an important port due to its being one of the few Chinese ports still under Chinese control. It declined in the later years of the war but began to recover after coastal trade along the Zhejiang coast was re-established in 1955.

Wenzhou enjoys highly-developed road transportation systems. There are 151 passenger transportation lines to Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an and the like. The 250-kilometer-long Jinhua-Wenzhou railway was finished in 1997 and has been in operation since 1998. It is connected with the Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway.
The second-class Wenzhou civil airport first went into operation in 1990. It can handle the take-off and landing of such large-size planes as "airbus" and Boeing 767. It has opened 47 domestic routes to Beijing, Shengzhen, Chengdu and Harbin and 2 regional routes to Hong kong and Macao.

Wenzhou Tourism:
The wonderful and special scenes of the Middle Yandang Mountain have been greatly appreciated by literati. Since Northern Song Dynasty(960-1127) when Li Shao he first came here, many people have been attracted to visit it. Generations of celebrities, scholars and artists wondered at its beauty and left behind poems and inscriptions recording it.

Wenzhou cuisine is one of the four noted cuisines of Zhejiang Province. It is light on the use of oil, and often uses yellow croaker fish, crab and squid as ingredients.
As a land of fish and rice, Wenzhou enjoys as many as more than 400 varieties of delicacies. Such live seafood as swimming crab, grouper and eel are mostly welcome in Japan and Hong Kong. Anchovy, crucian carp, prawn, jelly fish are also well known. The vendors of food of local flavor often open far into night.

Wenzhou Culture:
The culture of Wenzhou has been shaped by its isolation from the rest of China and its exposure to foreign influences through centuries of sea trading. The people of Wenzhou are said to be strong and self reliant, yet have maintained feelings of solidarity and community spirit.
A Christian Church built in Wenzhou in 1778 by British missionaries is still used for worship.
Ou Models are a famous handicraft produced in Wenzhou, combining the stereoscopic effect of a sculpture with the vivid colours of a painting. Another handicraft is Ou Embroidery, which combines embroidery and painting.

Wenzhou Attractive points:
Nanxijiang Scenic Area
Nanxijiang Scenic Area, a major national place of interest, is located in Yongjia County of South Zhejiang Province. It is twenty-three kilometers away from Wenzhou City, with Yandang Mountain in the east, Xiandu Scenic Area in the west and Xianju Scenic Area in the north. The 300-kilometer-long Nanxijiang River is characterized by its beautiful water, exotic rocks, various waterfalls, ancient villages and charming reaches. The upper reaches are famous for deep streams, lush trees and various waterfalls. In the middle reaches, pebbles are shining under the sun, fish swimming in the clean water and trees lining on the sides of the river. In the lower reaches, people are rowing boats on the winding water, enjoying the picturesque scenery. Covering an area of six hundred and twenty-five square kilometers, the scenic area is divided into seven spots, including more than eight hundred attractions. There are the Peace Rock facing the River, the Lion Rock (like a natural potted landscape in the river), the Triangle Rock Staring at the Deep and Green Pool, the Tortoise Rock on a High Peak, the Mast Rock, the Twelve Peaks Reaching the Sky, the Triangle Cave(symbolizing good fortunes)and various waterfall clusters. In particular, rafting down the river can give people unmatched opportunities "to get away from it all", to escape from the worries and hectic life of the modern urban world.
The unique Nanxijiang River enjoys abundant cultural heritages. There are still cultural relics of the New Stone Age, the ancient pagodas, pavilions, memorial archways, decorated archways, battlefields of the Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the original style and features of ancient villages, large numbers of well-preserved records of family trees, the hand writings and poems by ancient calligraphers and poets such as Xie lingyun, Wang Xizhi and Su dongpo. Xie lingyun, a pioneer of Landscape Poems . "Floating Clouds Lingering over misty forest, meandering river running into sunset".
Nanxijiang River is featured by mild climate, cool in summer and warm in winter, with an average temperature of 18.2 degrees centigrade. The area abounds in such local specialties as yantao, chestnuts, shaddocks, persimmons, grapes, red bayberries, fragrant fish and Wuniu Tea.
Middle Yandang Mountain
The national major scenic place, Yandang Mountains (composed of North Yandang, Middle Yandang and South Yandan) which is historically called "the first mountains in the south-east" and favourably known as "the famous mountains out of the sea" is a world-famous tourist attraction and holiday resort with special scenes and rich culture.
Nanji Islands Marine Preserve
As one of the first five marine preserves of China, Nanji islands Marine Preserve was established in 1990 with the approval of the State Council.
The preserve is mainly of marine erosion landforms. Along the winding coastline there are numerous capes and bays as well as various beaches and rocks. It is the confluence of the alongshore current of Zhejiang and the warm current of Taiwan. The area enjoys a mild climate with an average temperature of 16.5 degrees centigrade, never too hot in summer or too cold in winter.
403 varieties of shellfishes and 174 algae have been identified in the preserve, which is more than 20% of the total varieties of shellfishes and algae in the seas of China. So it is often referred to as'' the kingdom of shellfishes and algae''.
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