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China Xian City:

Resident People:
Situated in the center of Guanzhong Plain in northwest China at 107*40`- 109*49`E and 33*39`- 34*44`N, it is 424 meters above sea level. With its southeast higher than northwest, it is bounded by the Qinling Mountains on the south and by the Weihe Plain and the Loess Plateau on the north. The location of Geographically speaking, Xi'an locates in a very important position in China. Area: According to the newest data of 2000, it covers a total area of 10,108 square km, of which 1,993square km belong to the city proper. Of its population of 6.99 million, 3.40 million people live in urban areas. 99% of the population are the Han nationality by the end of 2001.

General Information:
Xi'an, an ancient capital city with a history of over 3,100 years on this wonderland, people had created a most splendid civilization in human history, which is a glorious chapter in the development history of the Chinese Nation.
At the present, Xi'an is an important economic, technological, commerce & trade and cultural center in the western region of China, and the biggest central city in the Chinese section of the Neo-Eurasia Continental Bridge. China entering's WTO and the implementation of the State strategy of large-scale development of the western region has together brought unprecedented historic development opportunity to this city. With its relative advantages in science, technology, education, tourism, commerce and trade etc. manifested and reflected in both its ancient and modern civilizations, existing industrial bases, development strength accumulated, and the unique superiority in location connecting the East to the West, and the North to the South, Xi'an has developed at a high rate for twelve successive years with an economic growth of 13% per year as driven by the efforts of the hardworking, diligent and innovative local people with pioneering spirits, and various economic and social undertakings are full of energy and vigor.
The beginning of the 21st century is very critical to the 3rd-step development strategy, building of a well-off society in an all-round way, and speeding up of large scale development of the western region. To expedite the realization of spanning development, Xi'an Municipal Government is putting forward the objective of "Constructing an economically powerful city and creating the best in the western China", which show our determination to create a best environment in the six areas of public security, investment and start-up, tourism and shopping, culture and education, technological innovation, and recreation and inhabitation, and build Xi'an into a modern metropolitan with rather advanced economy and a beautiful environment suitable for start-up, development, living and inhabitation. In December 2002, Xi'an, together with other five Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Suzhou and Wenzhou, has been recognized as the "The most innovative and vigorous in the World" by UNIDO.
The fast and continuous economic growth will surely bring forth more and better investment and business opportunities. With the publishing of this Year 2003 Xi'an Business & Investment Guide, we, the people here, are sincerely inviting friends from both home and abroad to Xi'an for sight-seeing, trading, investment, start-up, living, residing, as well as various forms of economic and social exchanges. Hope we could create a promising future for Xi'an and share the plentiful fruit of the large-scale development of the western China together with investors from all around the world!

Xi'an is located in the East of China s western region, the center of Guanzhong Plains, and is the real center of the geographic territory of China (the origin of mainland China is very near to Xi'an). It is at almost the same latitude as Los Angles of USA and Rabat, capital of Morocco in North African. With Mt. Qinling to the South and the Weihe River to the North, the terrain of Xi'an is higher in the southeast and lower in the northwest, at an average altitude of 424m. Mt. Qinling is the division of the northern and southern climate in China.

Xi'an lies in the temperate zone under continental climate with distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is around 15 degrees. That in January, the coldest month is about -1.3 and in July, the hottest month, is about 26.7 degrees. The annual rainfall is 500-750 mm averagely, mainly concentrated in summer and fall. The yearly sunshine period reaches 1,500 hours, and the free-frost period is about 208 to 230 days.

Xian Economy:
Water Resources
With Weihe, Jinghe, Chanhe, Fenghe, Bahe, Zaohe, Haohe, Yuhe, Laohe rivers etc. around, Xi'an possesses a total of 2.666 billion m3 of water resources, of which 2.178 million m3 is surface water, and the average occupation per person is about 380 m3. Various projects to bring water in the South to the North to be implemented soon, i.e. Qianyou River-Shibian Valley Project, will bring water from the southern foot of Mt. Qinling to support Xi'an, which will further expand its total volume of water resources and lay a solid foundation for the continuous development of the City.
Animals and Plant
Mt. Qinling is 2000 to 3767m in altitude, with very favorable natural conditions. There grows plants of a wide variety, and is the heaven for wild animals and birds. There are 55 kinds of animals and 177 kinds of birds in Xian area, of which Giant panda, Golden haired monkey, Golden Yakin, Creasted Ibist and Golden Pheasant etc. are rare. And of the 1,324 species of plants in Xian, Gingko, Chinese Larch, and Qinling fir etc. are precious.
There are about 50 different minerals verified here, including over 20 metalliferous minerals such as iron, manganese, chromium, copper, gold, tungsten etc. and over 20 non-metalliferous such as jade, granite, marble, quartz, graphite etc. The energy source deposits here include uranium, subterranean heat etc. Xi'an has abundant subterranean heat resources, and rather advantageous deposit of graphite, copper, high-grade iron etc.
Since the Reform and opening-up to the outside, the economy of Xian is developing rapidly. Especially from 1991, the GDP growth has maintained a rate of 13% successively, thus the economic strength of Xian is further reinforced, and various economic and social undertakings are full of energy and vigor. In 2002, the GDP of Xian has reached 82.346 billion Yuan, a 13.3% growth compared to 2001. Xian is now in its golden season for development in its history.
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