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China Zhaoqing City:

General Information:
Zhaoqing is located in the central-west of Guangdong province of china. The city exercises jurisdiction over eight counties, cities and districts including Duanzhou, Dinghu, Gaoyao. Sihui, Guangning, Fengkai, Huaiji and Dawang Comprenensive Economic Development Zone, Zhaoqing covers an area of 15,000 sq, km and has a population of 3.81 million.
Zhaoqing is not only a famous historical and cultural city at national level, the firstling excellent tourist city of China , one of the ten major civilized scenic and tourist demonstration areas, but also one of the civilized cities in Guangdong province and one of the advanced cities in the task of establishing national civilized city.Since reform

and opening, Zhaoqing¡¯s economy has been developing at high speed continuously, her social undertaking are flourishing and the people¡¯s living level is getting improved constantly. During the period of ¡°8th Five-year Plan¡±, Zhaoqing¡¯s GDP increased at a rate of 24.9% each year and it keeps an increase rate of 13.8% during the period of ¡°9th Five-year Plan¡±,In 2000,Zhaoqing¡¯s GDP increase 13% than the last year.
In the beginning of 21st century, Zhaoqing¡¯s people take basically realizing the modernization at first as the general goal of overall work, speed up implementing the plans of ¡°the Tenth Five ¡±, gradually establish the basic frame of socialist market economic system and the basic frame of scenic and tourist garden city, actively promote the process of industrialization, urbanization, information and agricultural industrialization, harmoniously develop primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry, try to make GDP annually increase 11% or so to reach 75 billion yuan in 2005 in order that in 2010 the central part will first basically realize the modernization, in 2015 the whole city will basically realize the modernization, and these efforts will make Zhaoqing one of the most beautiful cities in the south China with prosperous economy, civilized society, fine environment and rich living.

Zhaoqing is located in the west Pearl River Delta on the north shores of the Xi River and is 110km (68 miles) from Guangzhou. It has population of 5.4 million and covers an area of 22,300 sq km.

Visitors have been coming to Zhaoqing for over 1,000 years, drawn in part by the limestone peaks at Seven Star Crags and the Dinghu Shan mountain range. These scenic areas are refreshing destinations in fast moving Guangdong. If time is limited, they are a good way to see a natural smaller scale versions of the classic karst scenery of Guilin. Zhaoqing itself is a thriving modern city but among its new streets and shops you can find old city walls, which are over 800 years old and a few interesting restored temples.

Zhaoqing Map

Zhaoqing Map

Zhaoqing Tourism:
Zhaoqing City is located in the middle of Guangdong Province. It has an area of 22,322 square kilometers and a population of 5,690,000.
To the south and west of Zhaoqing lies the plain area and to the east and north is the mountainous area. Flowing from west to east, is the Xijiang River. Zhaoqing belongs to the south subtropical monsoon climatic zone and the yearly average temperature is 21.9oC and annual precipitation is 1605mm. It is rich in coal, limestone, copper, lead, zinc, granite, gold, Yunfu sulphur mine, gypsum and other mineral resources.

In the field of industries, priority has been given to the development of food industry, instruments and meters, textile, electronics and leathers industries, among which, the leather goods and beverage have captured certain share in the domestic market. Yunfu is an area of the country's biggest area of sulphur and iron production. Paddy rice, sugar cane, poultry and animal husbandry, aquatic products, fruits, flowers and plants, rosin, casia bark and south herbal medicine are grown in abundance. Communication traffic such as railways, highways and water transportation is very convenient.

The Star Lake landscape -- places of historic interest and picturesque beauty -- is one of the State's major places of landscape and historic interest and picturesque beauty, including the Seven-Star Cliff and Dinghu Mountain. They form the scenery with hills and waters known as Limerock Pinnacle Site. In addition, there are such tourist sights and places of historic interest as Chongxi Pagoda, Song Township Walls, Tower for Reviewing the River and Baogong (the upright Judge) Memorial Temple. You will find also the traditional local specialties of flowers and plants, Chinese cinnamon, south herbal medicine, gorgon fruit and ivory carving.

Zhaoqing Attractive points:
The well-known city of zhaoqing has rich tourist resources endowed by nature, The round-the -city highway, which is 500 km long, is a famous tourist route that connects rich natural and human landscape in the whole city.
Zhaoqing was called Duanzhou in ancient times, and was changed to Zhaoqing in the year of the Zhonghe Reign in the Song Dynasty, which means ¡±begin to bring happiness and luck¡±, Many famous historical people, including Li Yong, a famous literature writer in the Tang Dynasty; Great Master Rong Rui, the studying monk from Japan in the Tang Dynasty; Hui Neng, the sixth master of the Chan Sect of Buddhism; Bao Zheng, the famous judge in the Bei Song Dynasty; Matthieu Riui, the Italian missionary; Dr Sun Zhongshan, the pioneer of Chinese revolutions and Ye Ting ,the famous general of the Northern Expeditionary Army etc.had got their foot press on Zhaoqing, There are more than 400 cultural relic spots with historic and scientific research value in the whole city.
The scenery of Star Lake and the Dinghu Mountain has enjoyed a wide reputation through the ages, The Star Lake covers 530 hectares and seven steep limestone hills erect in the lake like the Big Dipper in the sky, The lakes and the hills form a so beautiful and fantastic scenery that Star Lake is regarded as ¡°the No , 1 wonder in South China ¡±,The Dinghu Mountain takes the first place in the four famous mountains in Guangdong Province and glitters along the Tripic of Cancer like a pearl . It is a living. nature museum. Qingyun Temple, one of the four famous temples in South China, is located in the mountain, UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization ) also set a position-fixed HAB(Human and Biosphere)Research Station up here, The famous cultural relics and ancient sites in the city zone of Duanzhou district, such as the Song Dynast Wall.Piyun Building, the Plum Nunnery, the River Watching Tower, the lofty Happiness Pagoda ,Liqiao Building etc,with the Revered Mr.Bao's Memorial Temple in Dinghu, the Chastity Hill in Sihui, the sea of bambo in Guangning, the Swallow Cave in huaiji, the Dragon Mountain Scenic Area in Fengkai, the Dragon Queen Temple in Deqing etc, scenic aras and spots, form a tourist net, and make Zhaoqing become a large"historical and cultural museum", In 2000, Zhaoqing attracts more than 4 million tourists at home and abroad.

The treasure place for investors--abundant natural resources and products
Zhaoqing city appertains to the subtropical zone and the Tropic of Cancer passes across it. The landforms in Zhaoqing are various, including mountains, mounds, plains, rivers, and lakes, Zhaoqing City is blessed with mild weather, ample sunlight, abundant rainfall, and fertile land and has rich product resources.
There are many kinds of minerals In the whole city, The annual gold output accounts for more than 80 percent of the province's total.Zhaoqing is the"land of Gold"in Guangdong Province, There are 160 gold mineral points have been found and exploited, including 2 large ones, There are 20 tungsten mineral points, distributing in Dolo Mountain of Huaiji County, The Guangning Jade, praised as"Guangdong Green",distributes

Deqing Tribute tangerine

over an area of 10 square kilometers, The gypsum mines in Sihui City has an annual productive capacity of 130 thousand tons, Besides, The porcelain mines in Guangning, Sihui have great reserves, good quality, and have a great value for exploitation.
Zhaoqing is rich of the resources of land, agriculture, forest and water, There is 22640 thousand um area of land in the whole city, including 2095 thousand um of cultivated land; 544.8 thousand um of garden plot land; 1149 thousand um of water area; 1880 thousand um of unutilized land, 15110 thousand um of forestland, There are 35070 thousand cubic meters of live timber deposit in the whole city, which provides a good condition for the development of resources type industries in mountain area, Moreover, there are 7250 thousand um of rosin bases, 1270 thousand um of Chinese cassia tree bases, 1690 thousand um of bamboo bases, and other industrial raw materials bases such as cassava, sugarcane, South medicinal herbs, etc, Rosin, Cassia bark are the main export products of Zhaoqing, each with the annual output more than 5000 tons, They take an important place in the similar kind products of the whole country and Guangdong Province, water resources are rich, and have the annual runoff of 261.3 billion cubic meters, It not only provides good quality water for use by industry, agriculture and people¡¯s daily life.
In recent years"Three High"agriculture and outward agriculture are developed rapidly:¡±Three High¡±agricultural base covers 7.1 million mu land, 183 million US$ foreign capital introduced, and last year agricultural products and processing were exported for US$136 million.

Yingbin Road

Zhaoqing City lies at the juncture of the coastal and inland areas, facing the developed areas of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong and Macao and backing on to the Great Southwest Area of China, It is about 90 km from Guangzhou, 200 km from Shenzhen and 142 sea miles from Hongkong, and is the important hub of communications from the coastal developed areas to the southwest provinces of China.
With transport and communication lines extending in all directions, Zhaoqing offers people a very good transport service, The No.321(Guangzhou-Chengdu). No.324 (Fuzhou-kunming) National Highway and Silian Highway (Sihui-Lianzhou), which joint up the Guangmao (Guangzhou-Maoming )Railway and the Xijiang, Suijiang watercourses, traverse the whole city, Now the city has got a total highway mileage of 5602 km and on average there are 38.3 km of highway in every sq. Km of the city, The roud-the-city highway, which is 500 km long, had been upgraded to high-class concrete-topped highway , It connects the eight cities, counties and districts of the whole city, including Duanzhou, Dinghu, Sihui, Guangning, Huaiji, Fengkai, Deqing, Gaoyao. and runs through over half towns of the whole city. It shortens the traveling time between Zhaoqing and the developed areas. It takes only 1.5 hours from Zhaoqing to Guangzhou and 2.5 hours from Zhaoqing to Shenzhen, The Guangzhou-Zhaoqing Express Way and Xijiang Zhaoqing Bridge will be in use soon, The Zhaoqing-Shenzhen bullet train and the Zhaoqing-Hongkong through train are both in daily operation. As far as the runoff is concerned, the Xijiang River is the biggest river in China next only to the Changjiang River and is praised as"Golden watercourse". There are 11 ports of first or second class and 72 big or small wharf berths in the whole city, It takes passengers about 4 hours to go to Hongkong from Zhaoqing by hovercraft.
The city also offers very good communication services by which people can easily contact any part of the world. IDD service of the city covers over 18 countries and regions. Zhaoqing has been one of the hundred advanced cities of post and telecommunications in China.
Energy construction has been developing rapidly, At present the city has already had an installed capacity of 583,300 kw and a power supply capacity of 188 million kwh, One hundred percent of the villages have the power supply, which can fully meeet the need of economic development and peole¡¯s daily life.
A large number of important municipal example projects, accessory projects, highclass hotels, restaurants and public places for entertainment offer a lot of convenient services to people¡¯s life as well as to their recreations.
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