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Zhuhai Travel China, Zhuhai Tour Guide

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China Zhuhai City:

Resident People:
1.18 million.

General Information:
Established in 1979.
Location: South China N latitude 21 48' to 22 27' E longtitude 113 3' to 114 18'.
Population: 1.18 million.
Zhuhai SEZ(Special Economic Zone), standing up in the trend of China's reform and opening-up, is a new garden seaside city in South China, and also one of the earliest special economic zones established in China. She locates in South Guangdong province, covers a land area of 1514 sq.m, a sea area 6135 sq.m, with 690 km coastline, 146 islands large and small, bestowed the title "City of 100 Islands".
There are various soil in Zhuhai such as red soil, crimson soil, stone soil, sea sand, saline-alkali soil and alluvial soil. Among them, Crimson soil distributes over hilly land under the elevation of 300 meters. Stone soil distributes over areas with naked rock and strong water-eroding. Sea sand in rich reservation distributes along seashore or around big islands. The terrain of Zhuhai slopes from west to southeast but generally gently, highlighted by mountain, sea, sandy beach, alluvial plain, and lakes. The seacoast wanders along 690 km, with 146 islands or islets of about 237 sq.km , which wins for Zhuhai the title of " One Hundred Islands City".

There are one county and eight districts under the jurisdiction of Zhuhai Municipality. They are Doumen County, Xiangzhou District, High-tech Industrial Development Area(Sanzao administrative area), Hengqing Economic Development Area, administrative area of Zhuhai Port, Pingsha, Hongqi, Wanshan and Qi'ao. There are total 28 subdistrict offices under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Government.

Zhuhai is located at the south of Guangdong province, by the western and southern banks of the Pearl River estuary. It extends from north latitude 21 48' up to 22 27' and from east longitude 113 3' to 114 19'. Zhuhai is bordered with Macao to the south, neighbored with Hongkong across the South China Sea to the east, 140km away from Guangzhou to the north, and 36 miles away from Hongkong. It is neighbored with Jiangmen, Xinhui, Taishan, Enping and Kaiping to the west, and Zhongshan to the east; these cities are well known for their overseas Chinese.

Zhuhai Map

Zhuhai Map

Zhuhai's climate is characterized by the subtropical monsoon with sufficient sunshine and heat. The longest sunshine in history is 2,545 hours. Zhuhai is full of water falling. The most rainfall is 152mm a day. The total rainfall between May and October accounts for 90 percent in the year. The lowest average relative air humidity is 20% and the highest 100%. The average temperature is about 22C, with the lowest of 7C and highest 36C. It is coldest in January and February, with month average temperature of 14C and warmest in June, July and August with month average temperature of 28C.

Zhuhai Economy:
Zhuhai can expect an economic boom with the increasingly popular trend of people spending vacations in the Pearl River Delta region, city planning experts predict.

The time that people take away from work indicates the wealth of a nation, according to Li Yiping, professor from University of Hong Kong. More and more Chinese are now having vacations with the fast growing Chinese economy.

Sightseeing packages organized by travel agencies have been dominating the domestic tourism market for the past 10 years, said Wang Zhigang, a city planning expert.

This trend reaches its prime time when the per capita annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ranges between US$300 and US$900.

When the figure rises to US$900-US$3,000, and the Engel index is around 40 percent, people have entered a fairly wealthy society where more people prefer to stay longer at resorts.

Sanya in Hainan and Zhuhai in Guangdong are the most favored cities for relaxation.

Unlike other Chinese cities such as Chengdu in Sichuan and Hangzhou in Zhejiang, also famous for their leisurely lifestyle, Zhuhai is more modern and Westernized, said Bao Jigang, a Zhongshan University professor commissioned as city planner for the Zhuhai Municipal Government.

"You can expect a Beijinger to arrive at Zhuhai with his tennis racket, fishing pole or favorite novel," said Bao, "but not in any other cities in China."

Fresh air, good natural environment and modern facilities were Zhuhai's most valuable resources to attract wealthy Delta residents after 20 years of industrialization.

Three hours' drive will bring people from any city in the Delta to Zhuhai, Bao said, and the rush of private car-buying would further heat up tourism in Zhuhai.

Transport in Zhuhai:
Zhuhai Airport in the western district of Zhuhai was planned, designed and constructed strictly following the standard of first-class international civil airport. It adopts American and Swedish computer control screen system to display the flights, equipment control system and computer management system.

Zhuhai Culture:
Zhuhai's press and publishing undertakings are growing in a healthy way along with its economy. After the founding of Zhuhai City,a number of highly influential media,publishing,radio and television institutions have been established here one after the other,including journals,a radio station,a television station, newspapers and book pictorial magazines, video and audio publishers and book publishing houses. In addition, media agencies at the central and provincial levels,as well as overseas, have established local bureaus here, including the People's Daily,Xinhua News Agency, Central People's Radio Station, Economic Daily, Guangming Daily, Nanfang Daily,Yangcheng Evening News,Guangdong People's Radio Station,and Hong Kong's Wen Wai Po,Tak kung Pao and the Macao Daily.

Zhuhai Attractive points:
Zhuhai stresses the protection of intellectual property rights, and has adopted various measures to actively implement the relevant State laws and regulations. In 1996,the Press and Publications Bureau was set up to work on behalf of the municipal government exercising supervision and administration, and providing services to the press and publications sector.
Legal services in Zhuhai have developed rapidly. At present there are 31 law firms, with 335 registered lawyers. Approved by the provincial administration of justice, a government-funded law firm has been established in Zhuhai.

Social insurance in Zhuhai started fairly early. By 2002,1,390,00 people were covered by old age pension, unemployment, medical care, workplace injury and childbirth insurance and the rate of collection of insurance premiums for the five types of insurance funds reached 98%.With the accumulative balance of the five funds reaching RMB 1.9 billion, the degree of insurance protection and risk-resistance capacity in Zhuhai relatively high.

For more than 20 year,Zhuhai has devoted itself to building a market-orientated employment mechanism,maintained coordinated and stablized industrial relations, protected the legitimate rights and interests of both employers and employees according to the law,and promoted the healthy development of the labor market. In 2002,the unemployment rate in the urban area was 2.94%.
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