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 Southwest Hubei Tourist Zone

Wuhan Hotels

This tourist zone in three Gorges of the Yangtze and Qingjiang rivers includes Yichang Enshi and Shennongjia forest region. Blessed with concentrated natural landscapes, it has the mountain and gorge scenery of the Three Gorges. Shennongjia primitive forests. Tenglong Cave and stream drifting. Of water cortrol projects, the Three Gorges Dam is most prominent. The culture of Tujia. Chu, the Three Kingdoms and Buddhism is also famous.

The Gezhouba Dam on the main stream of the Yangle River, north of Yichang, acquires the name because the dam site traverses Gezhouba£¬a small island on the river. The dam, the first dam on the Yangtze River, was built in the 1970s and completed in mid 1980s.

Chinese Sturgeon A4uarium The aquarium, formerly the "Gezhouba Chinese Sturgeon Artificial Breeding Research Institute," is located in the Hexing Park of Xiaota town, Yichang County. Chinese surgeon is the top one under the protection of the state. The grown-up surgeon can be four meters long and 500 kilo- grams in weight. The aquarium built in 1983 is now open to the public.

Ancient Battlefield of Xiaoting: The battlefield in Xiaoting District of Yichang was the site where the battle between the Wu and Shu was fought during the Three Kingdoms. The Xiaoting battle left a dozen or so historic ruins. The ruins have been repaired and Hanjue Gate, Xizhai Tower, Longmen Post, Jiuxian Pavilion and the village of Liu Bei have been completed, thus unfolding the heroic posture of the ancient battlefield.

The Xiling Gorge between Yichang and Bedding counties is composed of Xiangxi. Shangduan ",Miaonan and Xiaduan gorges. The Xiling Gorge is surrounded by Poshui, Bingshu Baojian and White Dog gorges. Eacr cage has its landscape and legends. On both banks of the gorge are streams, springs, rocks, caves and other scenic spots.

The Three Gorges Dam (Taizi Ridge):  Located on Zhongbao Island of Yichang County and on the middle section of the Xiling Gorge, the dam, a large project with the comprehensive efficiency of flood control generation, navigation and water supply, is composed of escape works, the hydropower station and navigation buildings. In 2003 the first set will be completed for generation.

Tanzi Ridge and Fenghuang Hill are the optimum venues for appreciating construction of the Three Gorges Dam.

Hometown of Qu Yuan: Zigui County in northeast of Yichang is the hometown of Ou Yuan, a great patriotic poet in the Warring States Period. The temple of Qu Yuan was built in the Ming and Qing dynasties and later fell into disuse. In 1988 a new temple was built on the foot of Jiangzhong Hill in Leping. Temple- shaped buildings, an imitation of the Oing Dynasty, comprise the statue of Qu Yuan and seven stone steles. Other relics include the archway, Reading Cave, Reflection Well. maize field and censer ground.

Sixi: The Sixi Ecological Tourist Resort, situated at Maoping town of ZiguPs new county, covers 20 square km. The natural landscape of the resort, with diversified hills and blue ripples, is of primitive simplicity.

Ox Rock: The Ox Rock on the right bank 1,000 meters on the lower reaches of the Three Gorges Dam is the highest point in the Three Gorges area. It acquires the name because the steep mountain rocks look like two oxes in the shape of contradiction.

On the lower part of the Ox Rock is the Huangling Temple, or called Ox Temple in ancient times. The temple was built during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period to sing the praise of external merits and virtues of the ox that assisted the reputed founder of the Xia Dynasty to open the river. In the area are the King's palace, the gate Wuhou Temple and other ancient architectures.

Located three km northwest of Dangyang, the temple is the place where Guan Yu was buried. Later, sacrificial pavilions, tomb passage and gate were built. The temple erected in 1467 covers 45,000 square meters and a construction area of 10,000 square meters.

Cultural Garden of Guan Gong: Situated at the foot of Qinglong Hill, southwest of Dangyang and on the shore of Yanyue Lake, the garden built in 2000 comprises the film and N center of Guan Gong, central pilgrimage, leisure and villa, and recreational areas. In the central pilgrimage area are the Wusheng Square, Pilgrimage Bridge and the statue of Guan Gong.

Geheyan Water Control Project: Located at the entrance to the Pingluo Gorge of the Lesser Three Gorges on the Qingjiang River, the project is a key state-listed one. With a length of 674 meters, a height of 206 meters and a relative height of 156 meters for the gravity arch dam, the project spans the Qingjiang River like a huge dragon. When flood discharge happens, the sluice gates discharge the flood just like the Qiantang bore.

Drifting on the Qingjiang River: Covering Enshi and the bridge of the Fengshui River, the drifting covers 38.5 km, and the river course is 15-200 meters wide. Drifting on the river, one should pass five de files and 48 rapids. Towering cliffs, grotesque rocks, water- falls and flying stream, hanging coffins and work song add much romantic charm to the drifting.

Hometown of Wang Zhaojun: The Hometown of Wang Zhaojun in Baoping village of Xingshan County has the platform and residence of Zhao Jun, Moon-watching Tower, dressing table, well and other relics. An exhibition hall, pavilion and gallery with the statue of Zhao Jun have been built.

Qingjiang Lesser Three Gorges: Located in Changyang County on the lower reaches of the Oingjiang River, from west to east are Banxia, Bashan and Pingluo gorges. The Banxia Gorge is full of dangerous landscapes. The 15-km-long Pingluo Gorge is surrounded by rocks and 18 shoals with roaring river water. After the completion of the Geheyan Hydropower Station, the Lesser Three Gorges were turned into a high lake, thus forming the lake and mountainous scenery.

The Zhongli Hill of Wuluo, the birthplace of the Tujia Nationality, is located at Duzhenwan on the lower reaches of the Qingjiang River. The hill is encircled by water on three sides. On the hill are precipitous cliffs, dangerous rocks and luxuriant vegetation, the Xiongwang Temple and other human structures

The 71.8-km-long Danshui River, the first large tributary of Qingjiang River with deep canyons and shuttling streams on its both shores is a special scenic spot of the Lesser Three Gorges. Drifters can have a taste of swift rap- ids and dangerous billows on the Danshui River, the folk customs and songs and dances of the Tujia nationality.

Yumu Village:  Located on the way of 318 National Highway, south- west of Lichuan, the village is surrounded by cliffs. Only a two-meter-wide stone path can lead people to the village. Buildings are constructed on the high mountain and lofty hills. There are over 100 relics and tombs there, such as residence, weaving, oil press and coin making of the an- cient people, ten stele tombs and three sections of the an- cient plank road of the Qing Dynasty. Living in the village are ethnic groups with a strong smack of the local color.

Shennong Stream: The stream has its source from the southern foot of Shennongjia. The 60-km-long Shennong Stream runs zigzag from north to south and empties into the Yangtze River from Xirangkou between Xiling and Wuxia gorges. Mianzhu, Parrot and Longchang gorges have been developed along the 20-km-long section of the stream.

Fengjingya in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve is 2,950 meters above the sea level. Looking at the southern part of the region, visitors can see towering peaks and strange rocks The spot has enjoyed the reputation of the' First Scene of Shennongjia" Shennong Top with an elevation of 3,105 meters in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve is the highest peak of Shennongjia. On the top are exposed rocks and towering stone forests. Ascending the top to enjoy the distant view, visitors can see unbroken peaks and crisscross ravines

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